When do children begin to prevent caries?

It is understood that more than 80% of parents think that if the primary teeth are to be r…

It is understood that more than 80% of parents think that if the primary teeth are to be replaced sooner or later, it is unnecessary to see a doctor even if there is cavities.

according to the latest data of children’s oral health survey, 1-year-old infants can have cavities, with the rate of caries 0.35% More than 50% of the 4-year-old children have gingivitis, and the prevalence of caries is 83.65% .

From the birth to the age of 3, it is the period when the baby’s primary teeth gradually erupt and form dentition. At this time, the permanent tooth germ gradually forms and the permanent tooth is in the calcification period. It is also an important period for nutrition intake, craniofacial skeletal muscle development and odontology At this time, infants are prone to all kinds of oral diseases, which may affect their children’s life.

for a long time, many parents have misunderstood the baby’s primary teeth, and the baby’s caries is not timely taken to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment, which finally brings adverse consequences to the growth of the baby’s permanent teeth.

Before the age of 3, many parents often neglect their baby’s oral health care.

many parents don’t wash their baby’s mouth after drinking milk or yoghurt in the evening, which creates conditions for the formation of cavities. Some parents also receive & quot; change the primary teeth sooner or later & quot; The influence of this idea, when the baby’s primary teeth have problems, has not attracted enough attention. Many children are suffering from caries and can’t eat before they are led to the hospital by their parents to see a dentist.

Experts said that if the primary teeth are decayed, it will seriously affect the eruption of children’s permanent teeth. The normal situation under the primary teeth of

will correspond to a permanent tooth, and the primary teeth will play a guiding role in the eruption of permanent teeth. The decayed teeth of the primary teeth of

will cause pain and make children afraid of chewing, so as to form the habit of partial eating.

If the front row teeth are decayed, they may not only mispronounce, but also be laughed at by their companions.

some children have pimples and bleeding on their gums repeatedly, which is the reason why the caries of primary teeth develop into root point abscess without timely treatment.

therefore, if there is caries of primary teeth, it should be treated as soon as possible.

Regular check-up if there is no dental disease
The idea of some parents is that they will not go to the dentist without dental disease. Experts remind that they should take their children to the dentist when they grow their first primary teeth, and check them before the age of one year at the latest, and then take them to have a recheck every three months It is not only to prevent dental caries, but also to let doctors see the growth and occlusion of teeth. If there is any abnormality, early treatment can be found. At this time, dentists can also provide knowledge about oral health care, so that parents can take better care of their baby’s teeth According to experts, sometimes a little bit of corrosion can quickly damage the baby’s primary teeth. If the parents have serious gum disease or very severe caries, the baby is likely to have the same oral disease Sometimes even if you brush and clean your teeth carefully, you can’t avoid the further deterioration of caries. Therefore, once your child tells your parents that his teeth are a little bit sore, a small piece of teeth is missing, the teeth are discolored or can’t stand the stimulation of cold and heat, your parents must take your child to the dentist immediately, because these are all symptoms of dental disease
Parents should pay attention to eliminate children’s fear of dentists and cultivate their children’s habit of visiting dentists on a regular basis.

early detection of early treatment, small hole early repair, neither pain nor money.

In the period of tooth replacement, children often go to the dental hospital. In the period of tooth replacement, children often have abnormal eruption of permanent teeth, such as permanent teeth do not erupt on time, ectopic eruption, multiple teeth, dental tumors, abnormal lip band, permanent teeth erupt but the deciduous teeth do not retreat. Parents need to take their children to the dentist in time, and the doctor will find out the cause and give treatment.

Early detection and early treatment are the best.

Early development of good habit of loving teeth
Experts believe that it is very important to love and protect teeth and develop good oral habits.

depends on parents and should be carried out as early as possible, not perfunctory; second, to help children must start small, the sooner the better.

Experts suggest that the following family oral care measures should be taken Try to avoid kissing the baby’s mouth as much as possible; pay attention to the family care of the first eruption teeth, and regularly feed cold boiled water to clean the mouth before the eruption of the primary teeth; after the eruption of the primary teeth, clean the teeth with normal saline or finger set toothbrush; learn to brush when the child is 2 years old, and teach the child to use the toothbrush correctly when the child is 3 years old; in addition, develop a good habit of brushing teeth when the child is young; eat any Brush your teeth or rinse your mouth after eating food; eat less snacks and sweets; drink less carbonated drinks and eat more fruits and vegetables and other foods with more cellulose; cultivate children to develop good oral behavior habits, such as not sucking the soft tissues of lips, tongue and cheeks; not biting coins, fingers and other foreign matters, if you can’t change your bad oral habits, you need to correct in time to avoid tooth and jaw deformities; once It is necessary to induce occlusion as soon as possible in case of malocclusion
The school-age children are in the mixed dentition stage of the replacement of primary and permanent teeth, which is also an important stage of the development of jaw and arch. It is a key period for the establishment of permanent occlusion, and also the period when the first permanent molar is most prone to caries. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the prevention and health care of the first permanent molar.

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is the best way to prevent dental caries. A 6032
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is the best way to do pit and groove sealing in time when a child changes a posterior molar. A 6032
In addition, we should pay attention to the central cusp of bicuspid (premolar) deformity, and the point gap fissure and caries of the second permanent molar may occur.

therefore, it is a prominent problem for school-age children to do a good job in the health care of young permanent teeth

In addition, there is also a way to prevent children’s tooth injury & mdash; & mdash; wear sports tooth protectors. Tooth injury is an irreversible injury, especially when teenagers are in permanent tooth eruption, which can not cause lifelong regret due to negligence; Sports tooth protectors are very popular in Europe and America. They are specially designed for every child;
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