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What’s the matter with the pain in the teeth after filling

Teeth are also part of the body’s organs. They also have pain like the skin, that is…

Teeth are also part of the body’s organs. They also have pain like the skin, that is, the nerves and dental pulp that are wrapped in them. When

touches the internal nerves, it will naturally produce pain.

The choice of dental materials, such as amalgam, has a good repair effect, and it is non-toxic material. It has no harm to human body, but it has a certain stimulating effect on our dental nerve

When the degree of dental caries is more serious, the dental material has to be close to the pulp. If this happens, and the material is still filled according to the original procedure, it will often produce irritation and bring pain to the patients In general, doctors will choose to place a layer of non irritating material on the repair site as bedding, isolation, and then fill with amalgam.

After this guarantee, the cause of pain is generally due to the severity of the patients’ caries, which has spread to the pulp, leading to pulp inflammation, that is, pulpitis.

Then the dentist will carry out anti-inflammatory and treatment after examination, and then fill them, otherwise, filling teeth will not only become idle work, but also cause toothache, aggravating pulpitis, even pulp necrosis.

In addition, the area of caries damage is large. After filling with amalgam, it may also cause toothache due to crown split

Sometimes, the disinfectant used in the process of filling teeth can also make patients feel a little pain, but the duration is relatively short.

Most of the work before filling teeth is done with the help of dentists. After filling teeth, the nursing work should be done by patients under the instruction of doctors.

It is not allowed to bite hard things with the filling position; it is not allowed to touch the supercooled and overheated stimulation; it is necessary to prevent caries and keep the mouth clean.

please see a doctor in time in case of pain after filling

Any oral disease should not be considered as “small”. In order to eliminate the suffering of dental disease and toothache as soon as possible, you should also choose a professional and regular oral hospital

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