What should children pay attention to in order to prevent tooth involution

Tooth involution is commonly known as “ground covering the sky”. It is manifes…

Tooth involution is commonly known as “ground covering the sky”. It is manifested as mandibular protrusion, near middle malocclusion and anterior crossbite.

teeth “ground covering the sky”; Because of the uncoordinated relationship between teeth and craniofacial region, facial depression or asymmetric development, people often encounter a lot of embarrassment in appearance, and the unclear pronunciation brings great inconvenience to normal social life.

in addition, it also has a great impact on oral function, the front teeth can not cut food, the chewing function of the back teeth is reduced, which aggravates the burden of gastrointestinal tract and affects the health of the body.

The occurrence period of tooth involution is usually closely related to the bad oral habits in infants and young children and the local obstacles in the period of tooth replacement.

parents and friends need to pay special attention to master the necessary knowledge for children.

The specific methods are as follows:
1. During lactation, correct the poor lactation posture, and avoid the baby’s mandible stretching excessively
It is particularly important to maintain the space between the early lost deciduous teeth and try to maintain the space between the early lost upper deciduous molars
Patients with chronic tonsillitis should be treated in time
4. The mandible can be restored by adjusting the interference of overworn teeth.

If the child’s tooth involution is very serious, the treatment should be started in the deciduous period.

after tooth replacement, the dentist should be contacted regularly to observe the tooth replacement.

once it is found that it may cause the habit of malocclusion and the disorder of tooth replacement, it can be intervened at any time.

in this way, the development of malocclusion can be completely blocked.

In addition, even if the child’s teeth are developing normally in infancy and in the period of tooth replacement, more attention should be paid to the eruption of new teeth. If the maxillary primary teeth are detained in

, they must be removed as soon as possible, or the probability of permanent tooth involution will increase a lot. If the tooth involution has occurred in

, the teeth should be corrected immediately after the eruption of the anterior teeth The age at which the correction begins due to the involution of teeth can be carried out from about 3.5 years old to adulthood.

, however, early detection and early treatment are the primary factors to cure the involution of teeth. Generally, the upper anterior teeth with the involution on the inner side of the mandibular teeth can be moved out after 3-6 months of the correction in childhood

Generally speaking, the methods of treatment of reverse occlusion are biting and prying, chin pocket and head cap. Other methods of treatment include maxillary or mandibular movement and fixed appliance, which need to be checked by professional doctors and selected according to the different conditions of patients
In the tooth deformity, the crowding of teeth, the large gap between teeth and the buckteeth are usually corrected after puberty and before the age of 15.

at this time, the dentists will make a comprehensive analysis and diagnosis, make the most adequate treatment plan, which is helpful for the rapid restoration of teeth.

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