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What kind of disease is oral ulcer!

In medicine, oral ulcer, also known as aphthous ulcer, is a superficial ulcer that occurs …

In medicine, oral ulcer, also known as aphthous ulcer, is a superficial ulcer that occurs on the oral mucosa. The size of the ulcer can be from rice grain to soybean, round or oval. The surface of the ulcer is concave and surrounded by hyperemia. It can cause pain due to irritant food. Generally, it can heal itself in one to two weeks. Because oral ulcer is a common immune disease, people will inevitably suffer from it in their life. So in the common people’s understanding, oral ulcer seems not to be a big problem. It’s nothing more than & quot; getting angry & quot; or & quot; eating less vegetables and lacking vitamins & quot;. But is it really like this? What kind of disease is oral ulcer?

Oral ulcer is a small problem. Can you let it go

If it is an occasional oral ulcer, it seems that the problem is not big; if the oral ulcer occurs repeatedly, or accompanied by other symptoms, it should arouse our enough vigilance. Because many systemic diseases will be manifested as local oral mucosal ulcer, such as systemic lupus erythematosus, Behcet’s disease and other rheumatic diseases will often have repeated oral ulcer, then oral ulcer at this time is not a minor problem. Even if it is a simple & ldquo; recurrent oral ulcer & rdquo;, the ulcer will not heal and ache repeatedly, which will make it difficult to eat, drink, open mouth and speak, and will seriously interfere with our quality of life. At the same time, some oral ulcers are too deep to develop into malignant changes

& ldquo; small problems & rdquo; cause great danger

1. Body immunity: oral ulcer brings great pain and inconvenience to patients’ life and work. What’s more, long-term recurrent attacks will directly affect the immune function of the whole body.

2. Endocrine disorders: metabolic disorders caused by oral ulcer endocrine disorders, fever, headache, dizziness, nausea, weakness, vision loss, eyeball pain, floater disease, lymph node swelling and other systemic symptoms, serious can lead to blindness.

3. Organ malignant change: oral ulcer can also cause multiple ulcers, recurrent pigmented membrane lesions and other systemic symptoms of skin joints, internal organs and perineum, and even cause malignant change.

4. Risk of canceration: oral ulcer will not heal for a long time, which is likely to cause canceration and cause great harm to the health of patients.

5. To induce Behcet’s disease, oral leukoplakia and systemic lupus erythematosus, and to induce a variety of complications, so as to aggravate the disease, which may be life-threatening in serious cases.

Many patients think that the long-term oral ulcer is an inflammatory disease, without going to the hospital for examination, they can take some anti-inflammatory drugs to solve it. But in many oral ulcer, there are a few not lose in oral ulcer, including tuberculosis ulcer, syphilis ulcer and so on, and will not self heal. Even some oral ulcers are early manifestations of some malignant tumors, such as tongue cancer, gingival cancer and buccal mucosa cancer. If this kind of ulcer is ignored or treated with its own “little prescription” as inflammation, it will inevitably delay the disease, accelerate the spread of radiation area, and the consequences are unimaginable.

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