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What foods can prevent tooth decay in daily life

The caries starts in the crown, if not treated in time, the lesions will continue to devel…

The caries starts in the crown, if not treated in time, the lesions will continue to develop, forming caries cavities, and eventually the crown will be completely destroyed and disappear. The untreated caries cavities of

will not heal themselves, and the final result of their development is tooth loss.

7 kinds of food that can effectively prevent and cure caries should not be missed:

1. Celery: clean your teeth to reduce the chance of cavities

2. Cheese: cheese is one of the good sources of calcium (calcium food), which can reduce cavities and make teeth stronger

3. Green tea: green tea contains a lot of fluorine, which has the effect of anti acid and anti cavity

4. Onion: it can kill many kinds of bacteria, including Streptococcus mutans, which causes tooth decay

5. Shiitake mushroom (shiitake mushroom food): the shiitake polysaccharide contained in it can inhibit the bacteria in the mouth to produce dental plaque.

6. Sugar free gum: chewing can increase the secretion of saliva, neutralize the acidity in the mouth and further prevent tooth decay

7. Mint: relieve the discomfort of gingival inflammation and swelling.

In order to prevent caries, we should pay attention to the following two points

1. Reduce or eliminate pathogenic irritants: the most practical and effective way is to brush your teeth and rinse your mouth. Rinse your mouth after each meal as much as possible, and brush your teeth once in the morning and evening.

children can be scrubbed by their parents with soft towels or flannelette.

2. Reduce or control the sugar content in the diet: parents should teach children to form the habit of eating less snacks and sweets, especially before going to bed, pay attention to the reasonable combination of children’s three meals, and form the habit of children eating more vegetables, fruits and foods rich in calcium, phosphorus and vitamins.

in addition, pay attention to the breastfeeding of infants

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