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As one of the most common and frequent oral diseases, oral ulcer is no stranger to everyon…

As one of the most common and frequent oral diseases, oral ulcer is no stranger to everyone. Epidemiological surveys show that about one in five people has had at least one ulcer. Although oral ulcer is not a serious disease, it seriously affects the quality of life & mdash; & mdash; you can’t eat it at a party, you should be careful when you drink water, sometimes you don’t even want to speak because of the pain. So, oral ulcer, what should I do to save you?

What is recurrent oral ulcer

First of all, let’s see what the ulcer looks like. It can be summed up as “yellow, red, concave and painful” (that is, the surface of the ulcer is covered by yellow pseudomembrane, the surrounding area is congested with red halo, the central depression, and the burning pain is obvious). There are three characteristics of recurrent oral ulcer: periodicity, recurrence and self limitation. Patients with mild symptoms have a long time for several months, while those with severe symptoms have one after another, with continuous attacks and no interstitial period. Usually 1-2 weeks can self-healing.

Clinically, it can be divided into three types:

Light recurrent oral ulcer: the most common type, often occurs in the lips, tongue and cheeks. The diameter of ulcer was & lt; 5mm, 3-5 at a time from half a month to several months, and healed about 1-2 weeks.

Severe recurrent oral ulcer: the ulcer is like a crater, large and deep. Diameter & gt; 1cm, long duration, up to 1-2 months or even longer.

Herpes like recurrent aphthous ulcer: the ulcer is like “all over the sky”. About 2mm in diameter, as many as a dozen to dozens, scattered in lips, tongues, cheeks and other places.

Why do I have oral ulcer

At present, the etiology and pathogenesis of oral ulcer are not clear, which are often the result of multiple factors. At present, the theory holds that it is mainly caused by the “triple factors” of heredity, environment and immunity, that is, the predisposing constitution, the stimulation of appropriate environmental factors (such as work fatigue, psychological stress, life stress, etc.) and the abnormal immune response of the body.

Can recurrent oral ulcer be cured

I’m sorry & mdash; it’s not possible! At present, there is no effective way to cure oral ulcer in the world. However, this does not mean that we can only “give up treatment”. Although we can’t let it never recur, we can shorten the recurrence cycle, slow down the pain and accelerate its healing by the following methods:

First of all, we should prevent ulcer fundamentally. Keep good living habits, go to bed early and get up early, exercise actively, and keep a good attitude; eat more fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins, strengthen the body and improve the resistance; try to avoid eating while talking, and reduce accidental bites.

Secondly, during the occurrence of ulcer, try to avoid food or drink such as overheated, too spicy and too sour to stimulate the pain; use protective ointment, anti pain drugs, mouthwash or ulcer powder containing traditional Chinese medicine ingredients locally to relieve the pain and promote the healing. For patients who do not heal for a long time or have severe symptoms, they can be treated with systemic therapy under the guidance of doctors.

Can oral ulcer become cancerous

Many patients often ask this question: can oral ulcer become cancerous? Up to now, no cancer has been found in patients with recurrent oral ulcer. However, in a few cases, oral ulcer can be used as a “signal” of special diseases. Ulcers with the following characteristics should be paid attention to and treated in hospital in time:


The elderly with poor physical condition found deep and large ulcers, hard surrounding, irregular edge, cauliflower like bottom of ulcers, no obvious pain, and prone to the ventral lingual margin (under the tongue and tongue edge), angular area and soft palate complex (& ldquo; small tongue & rdquo; to the rear of mandibular posterior teeth);


For large and deep ulcers with a long course, we should be alert to the possibility of canceration after removing the trauma factors and carrying out routine treatment. If necessary, we can make a clear diagnosis by biopsy;


If there are ulcers in eyes or urination besides oral ulcer, we should be alert to Behcet’s disease, which belongs to multi system disease and should be treated in time.


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