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What are the common types of caries

There are many classification methods of caries lesions, including the following: Classifi…

There are many classification methods of caries lesions, including the following:

Classification according to the degree of caries

Superficial caries (enamel caries or cementum caries): caries is confined to the enamel or cementum, but not to the dentin

Medium caries (superficial dentin caries): when caries has progressed from enamel or cementum to superficial dentin

Deep caries (deep dentin caries): when the lesion of caries has developed to deep dentin, forming a deep caries cavity, close to the pulp, but has not yet caused irreversible pulpitis

2 classification according to the location of lesions

According to the location of caries on the tooth surface, it can be divided into pit and groove caries, smooth surface caries, neck caries, root surface caries and adjacent surface caries

3 Classification by disease progression

According to the progress of caries, it can be divided into three types: chronic caries, acute caries, static caries and secondary caries

Chronic caries: the most common type of caries in clinic.

is also called dry caries because of its slow progress, deep pigmentation and hard texture

Acute caries: it is often seen in patients with poor physical health. The process of

caries is developing rapidly. There are many decayed substances in the cavities and the texture is soft, which is also called wet caries.

Static caries: the state in which caries stops developing at a certain stage due to the change of pathogenic factors during the progress of caries

Secondary caries: refers to the occurrence of new caries at or below the edge of the filling material, which is mostly due to the failure to remove the net humus or the poor edge sealing of the filling material

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