Treating oral lichen planus with feet before going to bed

Oral lichen planus is the most common non infectious oral mucosal disease, which is a chro…

Oral lichen planus is the most common non infectious oral mucosal disease, which is a chronic inflammatory disease of skin and mucous membrane. The characteristics of oral lichen planus in

are pearlescent white stripes, hyperemia and redness around the stripes, erosion and ulceration, long course of disease, easy recurrence, and patient suffering.

Good living habits are the premise of maintaining the normal metabolism of human body. The research of modern medicine of

shows that the occurrence of many diseases is related to drinking, smoking, overeating, living without Festival, excessive fatigue, depression, etc.

There are many pathogenic factors of oral lichen planus, many patients have mental problems such as mental tension, anxiety, insomnia, depression, and some patients have gastroenteritis, diabetes, hypertension and other diseases due to bad living habits, which affect the health of oral mucosa.

so if you want to cure as soon as possible, you need to develop good living habits:

One, every night with hot water bath and soak feet, because hot water bath is conducive to promoting blood circulation, can eliminate fatigue, conducive to sleep, help patients recover

Sleep is a kind of comprehensive rest. During the sleep of

, all kinds of physiological activities in the body are in a relaxed state, energy consumption is reduced, which can reduce the stimulation of metabolites (toxins) in the body, recover and readjust metabolism, accumulate energy, eliminate fatigue, and adjust the physiological functions of various organs of the body.

Therefore, we should keep enough sleep time every day, try to stay up late and work overtime less

Siesta is very beneficial to eliminate fatigue and improve health, and it is a self-care measure. The ideal siesta for

is lying on your back. Lying on your back can ensure that more blood flows to the digestive organs and brain, supply sufficient oxygen and nutrients, and is conducive to the recovery of brain function and help digestion and absorption. Generally, the siesta time for

is about half an hour, otherwise it will affect sleep at night

2. Drink more tea. Tea contains theophylline. Moderate drinking can refresh your mind and eliminate fatigue. Tea can also regulate lipid metabolism and reduce blood lipid.

however, it is not recommended to drink more tea.

in addition, people with chronic gastritis should not drink more tea, let alone strong tea People with insomnia can’t drink tea, especially strong tea before going to bed

3. Oral lichen planus patients should eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.

patients with erosive ulcer should be given soft food and avoid spicy irritants, such as raw onion, raw garlic, seafood, beef and mutton, etc. they should not eat hot food, and should try to reduce the stimulation of oral mucosa, so as to facilitate the rapid improvement of oral lichen planus patients’ condition and accelerate the healing

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