To avoid wisdom teeth, we need to eat hard snacks

Why wisdom teeth? Why is it that some people will not suffer from this trouble in their wh…

Why wisdom teeth? Why is it that some people will not suffer from this trouble in their whole lives, while others will sprout wisdom teeth in adolescence? The explanation of “wisdom tooth” in the encyclopedia is very simple. It is believed that it is the remnant of human evolution. As a result of natural selection, the longer and smaller the human chin is, the smaller the jaw is. But this is not satisfactory at all. Why does natural selection cause such a troublesome result? This statement also makes wisdom teeth an insurmountable problem. Fortunately, there are more explanations to make the problem not stay on such a superficial level!
An article published in the proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2011, said: “in the process of human society changing from hunting animals to domesticating animals, human mandible has also been affected; The author thinks that diet has a great influence on the shape of the mandible. Compared with hunting period, the food of human becomes richer and softer in

farming civilization. In

hunting period, the mandible of human is longer because of long-term meat eating and more chewing.

But it can’t be ruled out that other reasons may also be related to weaning habits. People weaned their children later in the hunting period

Many experiments have studied the effect of chewing on the size and shape of the human mandible.

in a study published by bengtingervall and Elias bitsanis in 1987, it was found that children who chewed gum for two hours a day in a year had slight changes in the shape of their mandible, but the mandible did not grow These children, aged 7-12, are in the period of the softest diet in their lives

Published in the Journal of human evolution, A 6032 a 6032 study found that animals that eat hard food usually have wider and longer faces, but primates that eat soft food usually have malocclusion and other abnormal growth patterns But non-human primates usually have more prominent jaws, and their chewing patterns are different from ours.

what’s more, the animals in the experiment eat either very hard food or very soft food, even almost liquid food, which does not reflect the differences between farming civilization and hunting period The experiment also looked at the effects of raw and cooked foods. The results were extremely complex, but the basic conclusion is that human face may evolve in a smaller direction, which is a response to the tendency of soft diet and more processed food

These studies can be summed up as follows: soft, cooked food will evolve into a small mouth, wisdom teeth blocked, and then infected, or even died! The way to avoid this kind of disaster is to pull out some teeth.

modern medicine makes the problem worse, because in the old era, teeth may fall off themselves, thus making room for wisdom teeth

It may be too late to prevent wisdom teeth for adults reading this article.

but as parents of children, have you ever given your children dry potato chips and chewing gum every day? If not, when you have wisdom teeth, you may have to blame “natural selection”!  

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