Three habits to prevent caries

The influence of nutrition of pregnant women on the teeth of fetus   Malnutrition in …

The influence of nutrition of pregnant women on the teeth of fetus
Malnutrition in pregnant women can lead to enamel defect and calcification in fetus.

is the most susceptible tooth to acid corrosion and caries.

Countermeasures: pregnant women should properly supplement various nutrients, such as protein, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, calcium, iron, phosphorus and other trace elements, and should eat more meat, eggs, bean products, milk and vegetables, fruits and so on
Feeding of lactating infants
Breast milk contains all kinds of substances necessary for the growth and development of infants and is easy to digest and absorb, so it’s better for infants to feed breast milk.

if fed with milk, it’s better not to add sugar, and not to form the bad habit of sleeping with a bottle, so as to avoid the initial caries of teeth soon after eruption, which is called “caries in a bottle”.

Countermeasures: if you have formed the habit of feeding sweet milk, you should gradually correct it, or feed a certain amount of boiled water after feeding sweet milk.

children are better not to use milk bottles after they are one year old.

except milk, after four months of life, they should start to add pork chop, vegetable porridge, egg yolk, etc., which should not be added with sugar.

Diet control of preschool children
Some 2-3-year-old children still use milk bottles or sugar water.

parents often give some candies, cakes and other foods to children to eat at will, which is the main reason for the high caries rate of primary teeth

Countermeasures: the caries rate of primary teeth of 6-year-old children has reached the peak. We should pay attention to correct children’s bad eating habits at any time, develop a good habit of cleaning teeth and paying attention to oral health in the morning and evening.

at the same time, reduce the sugar content in food and the number of snacks between meals;

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