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Caries, commonly known as insect teeth, often occurs in children. It is a chronic disease …

Caries, commonly known as insect teeth, often occurs in children. It is a chronic disease of softening damage of tooth hard tissue after decalcification. Caries may occur from the eruption of primary teeth
Caries, commonly known as insect teeth, often occurs in children. It is a kind of chronic disease of softening damage after decalcification of tooth hard tissue. Caries may occur from the eruption of primary teeth.

caries is a multifactorial disease, mainly including bacteria, diet; teeth and saliva, interact and correlate.

bacteria, mucin in in saliva and food residue are mixed on the tooth surface, Plaque is formed and firmly adheres to the surface and groove of teeth. The bacteria in plaque produce a lot of acid, which causes decalcification, dissolution and caries cavity formation of the enamel below. Children with more plaque also have more caries, the teeth are not in the right position, the arrangement is crowded, and it is easier to accumulate food to form plaque.

When dentin defect, such as poor calcification, calcium alone is more likely to be eroded, resulting in caries.

After the caries cavity is formed, the food debris is more easily accumulated in the cavity, which is more conducive to bacterial reproduction and production of more acids. Therefore, the caries cavity will become deeper and deeper, from dentin to pulp cavity to root, which can also cause or aggravate arthritis, carditis, nephritis, etc.

According to the degree of caries damage, caries can be divided into shallow, medium and deep caries
Light caries, lesions only in the enamel, showing brown or dark brown teeth spots or plaques, no discomfort in children.

In the middle caries, the lesion has reached the dentin, forming shallow caries cavity. At this time, the child has obvious stimulation sense to cold, acid and heat, which causes toothache, but it can relieve itself.

Deep caries, lesions have reached the pulp cavity, pain will disappear for a period of time, if not treated, bacteria along the root to the tooth tip, will cause apical ophthalmia, cause chronic lesions, cause alveolar bone, mandible inflammation, osteomyelitis and the above-mentioned systemic diseases
Effective methods to prevent caries
1. Pay attention to oral hygiene and cultivate children’s good health habits
2. Correct the bad habit of sucking the nipple in time to prevent irregular arrangement of teeth and deformity of the maxillofacial region
3. When sleeping, the mouth is still, which is more suitable for bacteria to cause caries, so it is particularly important to brush your teeth before going to bed. Do not eat sweets such as sweets, snacks, milk, etc.

4. Brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste.

fluoride toothpaste has the effect of anti caries. If possible, you can go to the dental hospital and seal the pit and groove of your teeth with fluoride medicine.

   Five point three -A 6-month oral health examination should be carried out. If caries is found, it should be treated in time and filled with cavities to prevent infection and other diseases caused by caries;
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