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The process of filling teeth is very simple. Are you still afraid?

What is dental filling? The tooth itself has no repair ability. After the caries cavity is…

What is dental filling?

The tooth itself has no repair ability. After the caries cavity is formed, the caries tissue around the caries cavity can only be removed first, and then filled in with appropriate materials, so as to restore the chewing function, and further prevent the caries from continuing to occur.

is a method to select appropriate filling materials according to the size, depth and location of the caries cavity.

is commonly known as fillings

What are the benefits of fillings?

1. Tooth filling can effectively prevent the continuous development of tooth decay, relieve the pain of various periodontal diseases caused by tooth decay, and avoid tooth loss;

2. Filling teeth can effectively restore the masticatory function of teeth.

cavities cause toothache, gingivitis and food jams, which seriously affect the masticatory function of teeth. Timely filling teeth can effectively protect teeth and prevent teeth from falling off.

3. Restore the natural shape of teeth. The color and shape of

teeth directly affect the beauty of the face, especially the shape of the front teeth, which plays an important role in people’s psychology and emotion

Does the process of filling teeth hurt?

Many years ago, it was really painful to use a dental drill to grind teeth. Even in ancient times, it was a punishment.

however, with the development of narcotic drugs, filling teeth is like taking medicine with an injection, which is not a very painful thing.

With just a small dose of anesthetic, you can lie on the tooth chair, close your eyes and open your mouth. It seems that there is a small broom sweeping your teeth. It’s half an hour at most. Enjoy the leisure time!

Warm tips:

Early dental restoration can effectively stop the further development of caries, and early dental restoration has the advantages of short course, low cost and good effect

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