The primary cause of teeth loss in adults with periodontitis

At present, periodontal disease mainly includes gingival disease and periodontitis. Its ma…

At present, periodontal disease mainly includes gingival disease and periodontitis. Its main clinical manifestations are gingival inflammation, bleeding, periodontal pocket formation, alveolar bone absorption, alveolar bone height reduction, tooth loosening, displacement and weak chewing. In severe cases, teeth can fall off or lead to tooth extraction Epidemiological investigation shows that periodontitis is the first cause of tooth loss in adults in China

Periodontal symptoms:

1. Periodontal disease often begins with gingivitis, swollen gums, reddening, bleeding, changes in normal appearance, erosion or hyperplasia of the Shao border, and easy bleeding when chewing food or brushing teeth

2. The gingival sulcus deepens and then forms the gingival pocket. The periodontal pocket causes the loss of gingival attachment on the tooth surface. Generally, it is asymptomatic. When there is infection, it can affect the whole periodontal pocket wall, and it can have pain, pyorrhea, halitosis and other symptoms. According to the X-ray, it can be seen that the hard bone plate on the top of the alveolar ridge disappears, and the edge is like insect erosion, and then the vertical absorption occurs, and the height decreases

3. Periodontal tissue damage to a certain extent, the reduction of supporting bone, and the aggravation of bite trauma lead to tooth loosening

If there is bleeding and peculiar smell in the mouth when brushing, it means that there is gingivitis. Gingivitis is the primary stage of periodontal disease, and timely treatment will not cause irreversible damage; if there is tooth loosening, root exposure, and weak occlusion, it means that periodontitis has developed; if the teeth are very loose and shaking, it is possible to have tooth extraction It is suggested that patients should arrive at the hospital for treatment as soon as they have symptoms of periodontal disease detected by themselves. It is not allowed to delay their condition by taking anti-inflammatory drugs

Asian people suffer from periodontal disease more seriously than Westerners. This is because they often neglect the importance of tooth washing, which is the most commonly used method to treat mild periodontal disease If the slight periodontal disease can not be treated, the periodontal membrane will further invade the gingiva to form periodontal bag, the calculus and the dental bacterial membrane will accumulate in the tooth bag, and the pulp of the teeth will be sore, swollen and pus, so that the teeth will be loose, and the serious cases will fall off

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