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Six misunderstandings in the elderly’s dental care

Dental experts in clinical treatment found that in daily life, there are six misconception…

Dental experts in clinical treatment found that in daily life, there are six misconceptions of protecting teeth and strengthening teeth, which perplex the elderly.

for this, the experts reminded the elderly friends, to protect teeth scientifically, do not fall into the following six major errors of dental health care.

Six misunderstandings in the elderly's dental care

Myth 1: loosening and falling off of teeth in the elderly is a natural phenomenon. Prevention is useless and treatment is useless.

in fact, most of the loosening and falling off of teeth in the elderly are caused by osteoporosis and other diseases. As long as these diseases are prevented and treated, the age of falling off will be delayed

Myth 2: the more the teeth are worn, the stronger the teeth are. It doesn’t matter if you chew something hard.

in fact, excessive joint pain.

so the old people’s teeth should be specially prevented from wearing.

Myth 3: only mouthwash and no brushing.

many old people have no habit of brushing their teeth, especially in rural areas.

in fact, correct brushing not only has the mechanical brushing effect of toothbrush, but also has the chemical decontamination, disinfection and sterilization effect of toothpaste, which can effectively prevent the formation of plaque and dental calculus.

Myth 4: as long as you stick to brushing your teeth, you don’t need to wash your teeth.

brushing can’t completely replace washing your teeth. Food can leave traces on the surface of your teeth. It’s difficult to clean your teeth by brushing your teeth in the morning and evening every day.

Myth 5: lose one or two teeth, don’t rush to mend them, and then replace them with full dentures.

some people think that it’s normal to lose a few teeth when you’re old.

lacks teeth and doesn’t want to insert dentures, for fear of trouble and money.

will obviously reduce chewing ability, affect digestion and absorption, and speed up the loosening and falling off of adjacent teeth.

The denture can help the old comrades to eliminate defects, restore tooth function and stabilize the adjacent teeth

Mistake 6: the yellow and black teeth deposited by smoking and drinking tea can’t turn white.

currently has a high level of tooth beauty, and it’s easy to remove the colored dirt formed by smoking, drinking tea and drinking coffee.

at the same time, tooth whitening is not only for beauty, but also an important measure for tooth health care and prevention and treatment of dental diseases

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