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Repeated oral ulcer needs early medical treatment!

When oral ulcer occurs, the most common cause is burning, but if the recurrent oral ulcer,…

When oral ulcer occurs, the most common cause is burning, but if the recurrent oral ulcer, the cause is not so simple. Recurrent oral ulcer is not a simple fire, but may be a recurrent oral ulcer, Behcet’s disease, oral lichen planus and other difficult diseases caused by immune abnormalities. Therefore, it is better to see a doctor as soon as possible to find recurrent oral ulcer.

In clinical practice, taxi drivers suffer from recurrent oral ulcer, which is not a few. It has a certain relationship with their occupation. They have been driving for a long time with high concentration, irregular diet, bad rest and so on, which are all factors inducing oral ulcer.

Root seeking and treatment, the best therapeutic effect

Many patients with recurrent aphthous ulcer are incurable for a long time, which is related to the treatment without starting from the root cause.

It is an autoimmune disease that the cellular immune function of patients with recurrent oral ulcer is inhibited, the immune regulation is in an unbalanced state and can not achieve normal immune regulation, which leads to the occurrence of oral ulcer. If treatment, can not regulate immunity, the disease will happen again.

During the treatment, the active ingredients in traditional Chinese medicine can enhance the phagocytic function of cells, effectively block the genes of the reproduction of pathogens in traditional Chinese medicine, and the contained immune factors can release an immune protective membrane to the mouth, avoid the harm of virus invasion, and make the functions of viscera play its best state; Play the regulatory role of cellular immune function, improve human immunity as a whole, avoid virus invasion and completely eliminate recurrence.

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