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Planting teeth to make middle-aged and old people eat better

With the annual & ldquo; 3 & middot; 15 & rdquo; With the promotion and act…

With the annual & ldquo; 3 & middot; 15 & rdquo; With the promotion and activities of the international consumer rights day, people are becoming more and more aware of protecting their health and safety from harm in consumer behavior.

Oral health care is actually a kind of selective consumption, also can be said to be a kind of health investment. The willingness to see a doctor for loose teeth and missing teeth is closely related to everyone’s requirements for quality of life and the level of health care awareness

Wang Shen, director of dental implant department, said that as the saying goes, “there is an old man at home, if there is a treasure”; It is the key to solve the problems of the elderly in time. A 6032 a 6032 bad tooth, especially the loss of many teeth, will not only directly lead to the deterioration of mastication function, insufficient nutrition intake, but also may lead to the dysfunction of pronunciation, accelerated aging of face, digestive system disorder, aggravation of cardiovascular disease, etc.A 6032 a 6032 As the best way to restore missing teeth, how can implant ensure the quality of life of the elderly with missing teeth?

Neglect of missing teeth or cause cardiovascular disease

Teeth are one of the most important organs of human body.

when teeth are missing, one side of teeth is used for chewing for a long time, the muscles and jaws on the side of teeth are short of stimulation for a long time, which is easy to shrink, and the long-term burden on one side of teeth is also easy to cause periodontal diseases. The clinical research of

found that periodontal diseases can delay and cause diseases of multiple organs, especially cardiovascular diseases.

Not only that, the adjacent teeth of missing teeth lose control, incline and shift to the gap of missing teeth; the opposite teeth of missing teeth also develop to the position of missing teeth due to the loss of bite force stimulation. The longer the time of missing teeth is, the more difficult it is to repair missing teeth, even if the repair pieces are lost, the normal teeth will also accelerate to fall off.

At present, there are three methods to repair the missing teeth: removable denture, porcelain teeth and implant teeth.

Implant teeth are safe and reliable, and eat safely

Wang Shen, director of the planting department, introduced that “planting” was mentioned; It’s easy to think of planting crops, mistakenly thinking that planting teeth is planting a seed, and will automatically grow a new tooth, but in fact, it’s not.

implant is actually an artificial tooth, which is to implant an artificial root (also known as an implant) on the tooth bed of the missing part, and then install the crown on the artificial root to play the chewing function.

The dental implant materials can be roughly divided into two parts: root materials and crown materials.

crown materials can be selected flexibly according to the wishes of patients, but there are strict regulations on root materials. Currently, the commonly used implant materials are titanium.

Titanium has good wear resistance, corrosion resistance, good biocompatibility, non-toxic, non-magnetic, non irritant and stable in vivo.

titanium is also widely used in artificial bone and joint, heart valve, cardiac pacemaker, etc.

Implant teeth to help you find real tooth comfort

Because the implant tooth has its own root, the artificial root and alveolar bone are connected by bone combination, which is very solid, as deep-rooted as the real tooth, and the repair effect is very good. When chewing, it can help you find the comfort of the real tooth, and also feel the cold, hot, sour, sweet, fragrant and spicy

Implant teeth do not need to be attached to the adjacent teeth for fixation, so they have good independence and integrity. There is not only no sense of foreign body in the oral cavity, and patients are easy to forget the existence of dentures, but also there is a gap between implant teeth and adjacent teeth. When cleaning, it is as convenient and durable as natural teeth.

implant teeth do not need molars, causing no harm to healthy adjacent teeth.

Therefore, implant tooth has become an ideal choice for both single tooth loss and multiple tooth loss

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