Permanent cavities are related to sports drinks

According to the report: researchers from the Australian oral health research center found…

According to the report: researchers from the Australian oral health research center found that the number of 14-15-year-old children with permanent cavities increased by 71% in six years.

researchers clearly pointed out that this is closely related to the prevalence of bottled water and sports drinks in the 1990s

The reason is that in ordinary bottled water, not only calcium, phosphorus and other minerals are very few or even zero, but also the lack of fluoride which can strengthen tooth enamel (i.e., enamel, the translucent calcified tissue covering the outermost part of the tooth), which leads to a greatly increased risk of tooth decay in children.

This is because calcium, phosphorus and other minerals and fluorides are very important for promoting tooth growth and protecting tooth health Calcium and phosphorus are the main raw materials of teeth. About 99% of the calcium in the body is concentrated in the bones and teeth. If the calcium can not meet the needs of infants and teenagers, or the calcium in the body can not be absorbed and utilized by the body for various reasons, it will affect the firmness of the teeth.

The teeth will become loose due to the lack of calcium, which is easy to be corroded by bacteria in the mouth and generate caries.

and the fluorine in the fluoride can penetrate into the enamel on the tooth surface, forming a fluorescent phosphorous ash material, which has the resistance to acid, thus plays the role of strengthening teeth, fighting against bacteria, and protecting the mouth.

Fluorine is found in all tissues of human body, but mainly in teeth and bones.

is also confirmed in epidemiological investigation: in countries with higher caries rate, the prevalence of enamel hypoplasia is also higher.

After finding this point, many countries have added a proper amount of fluoride into tap water to protect people’s teeth while drinking water.

of course, it is not good to have too high fluorine content in the water, otherwise it will cause dental fluorosis, which is also harmful to teeth health.

China stipulates that the fluorine concentration in drinking water is less than 1.0 mg / l.

Experts pointed out that calcium and fluorine are one of the essential minerals and microelements for human body, and water is an important way for human body to obtain these substances.

is still the main source under special conditions.

therefore, experts suggested that parents should limit their children to drink too much bottled water, mainly tap water.

Schools should create conditions as much as possible for students to drink clean and clean boiled water, so that they can take necessary minerals such as trace elements from drinking water to ensure their teeth and health

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