“Painless tooth filling” causes lifelong “pain”

Dental fillings are often seen in our lives. if the fillings are improper, it may cause so…

Dental fillings are often seen in our lives.

if the fillings are improper, it may cause some complications.

a data shows that the incidence of oral cancer is on the rise in Shanghai.

medical experts remind that if the fillings are improper, it may bury the fuse that causes “oral cancer”.

Case 1: “painless tooth filling” causes lifelong “pain”

Two years ago, Xiao Lin suffered from toothache caused by overeating and cold drinking. To save money, he went to a doctor in a white coat on the outskirts of the road to have a painless tooth filling,

Xiao Lin’s toothache recurred and caused a high fever. His family advised him to go to a regular hospital for treatment. check, heard a result that made everyone heartache: oral cancer.

Oral cancer is a malignant tumor that occurs in the oral mucosa. The blind area of

oral health often becomes a high-risk factor of inducing oral cancer, such as wearing unsuitable dentures to cause long-term damage to the oral soft tissue; for example, the irregular margin in the filling teeth, the traumatic oral ulcer caused by rubbing the oral mucosa may evolve into cancer.

In addition, ultraviolet and ionizing radiation, tobacco and alcohol, vitamin deficiency, etc. can also cause oral cancer

Case 2: major problems caused by inadequate “tooth filling”

Wang Laobo had two lower teeth repaired and three dentures were installed in the upper teeth because of his dental disease. A while ago, when Wang Laobo came into the hospital with toothache, the doctor gave him a preliminary diagnosis: oral mucosa cancer.

According to doctors, there are many kinds of dental restorations, such as fixed bridge, full crown restoration, movable denture, etc If the user does not pay attention to oral health, it may also cause oral diseases and even cancer

People who have experience of inlaying and filling teeth should check their mouth frequently. If they find the following phenomena, they need to seek medical treatment immediately:

1. New organisms appear in oral and maxillofacial region, with granular surface, vegetable pattern or early ulceration, pain and other symptoms;

2. Pain and numbness of unknown cause in tongue and cheek;

3. The ulcer in the mouth or buccal area did not heal after two weeks;

4. Unexplained white or red plaque of oral mucosa;

5. Pain of unknown cause, rapid loosening and falling off of teeth.

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