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Oral ulcer and the first life of “getting angry” obsession!

Speaking of oral ulcer, I think of two ancient poems. One is that & ldquo; suddenly l…

Speaking of oral ulcer, I think of two ancient poems.

One is that & ldquo; suddenly like a night of spring breeze, thousands of trees and thousands of pear blossoms & rdquo;, just in response to the symptoms of acute oral ulcer: Several blisters suddenly grow in the mouth, with a strong burning sensation.

The other sentence is “infiltrate into the night with the wind, moisten things silently”. This is the description of recurrent oral ulcer. It occurs and develops quietly, and the mouth bubbles for a long time, one after another, repeatedly, and does not recover. Although chronic recurrent oral ulcer is not as violent as acute oral ulcer, it is lingering and seriously affects the quality of life.

When people see oral ulcer, they will naturally contact with & ldquo; get angry & rdquo. But the deep relationship between & quot; oral ulcer & quot; and & quot; burning & quot; may not be clear. Let’s analyze it today.

“Fire” is not bad in nature, but not too strong

Modern people’s life rhythm is speeding up, work pressure is great, even eating is quick. Many people are more interested in the stimulation of taste buds, making “spicy” the main theme of the table. So it’s inevitable that & ldquo; get angry & rdquo.

“Fire” itself is not “sinner”, it is a normal force in our body, it is the Yang Qi of human body, and “fire” can induce inflammation and many other diseases only after losing the restriction, oral ulcer is one of them.

Just like the fire in nature can help us warm and cook, it’s “good”. When external forces improperly promote the fire and make it out of control, it will cause fire, harm human beings and become “bad”;.

What on earth encourages the “fire” in the human body and causes it to burn into the mouth? These three firewood sticks are “fast food”, “high pressure” and “heavy taste”;.

It only takes 1 week to push back acute oral ulcer

Less spicy stimulation and more water: it sounds like nonsense, but if you want to drive away & ldquo; oral ulcer & rdquo;, this is the taboo principle that everyone must follow.

Our favorite Sichuan dishes, such as boiled fish, spicy hot pot, spicy chicken and so on, are all on the blacklist. Also avoid “heavy taste” and eat “little fresh”, such as lettuce, lettuce, cucumber, carambola, kiwifruit and other fresh vegetables.

Then drink more water, urinate more, strengthen metabolism, and take away the “bad” as soon as possible. The inflammation will disappear.

But we should pay special attention to drinking boiled water, not all kinds of drinks, juice is no exception. Even fresh fruit juice is likely to dehydrate cells in the body due to high sugar content, which will lead to water shortage in the body.

Eat thin, not too hot: suffering from acute oral ulcer, diet must pay more attention. First of all, when the disease is serious, the diet is mainly liquid food or semi liquid food, such as milk, porridge and so on.

But we should pay attention to that porridge must be warmed before drinking, so as to avoid too hot to stimulate the ulcer surface in the mouth. You can also add some fire clearing ingredients to rice to cook porridge together, such as job’s tears, mung beans, etc.

There is more than one person behind the recurrent ulcer

Still have patient to reflect, when others are unlucky, it is to drink cold water to plug teeth, I am to drink cold water to grow oral ulcer, why is this after all? If you don’t have “fast food”, “high pressure” and “heavy taste”, there are many reasons to consider.

Systemic diseases: some recurrent oral ulcers are caused by insufficient immunity, and some diseases will lead to insufficient immunity, and then cause the occurrence of oral ulcers. For example:

1. Common diseases of the elderly, such as diabetes and hypertension;

2. Digestive system diseases, such as gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, chronic hepatitis, colitis, as well as partial diet and dyspepsia;

3. Other factors, such as fever, lack of sleep, excessive fatigue and changes in menstrual cycle.

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