Oral mucosal disease

Some systemic diseases are also manifested on the oral mucosa, while some oral manifestati…

Some systemic diseases are also manifested on the oral mucosa, while some oral manifestations can be used as the basis or clue for the diagnosis of systemic diseases. In the aspect of pathogenesis of

, except for a few directly related to oral conditions, most closely related to systemic or systemic factors.

With the development of immunology, it has been found that oral mucosal diseases related to autoimmunity are common in clinic, such as chronic discoid lupus erythematosus, pemphigus, pemphigoid, Schelling’s syndrome, Behcet’s syndrome and sarcoidosis, etc

1. It is related to the physiological defects of the decline of oral immunity as people grow older. Due to the decrease of the secretion of growth hormone in adults, the absorption ability of the oral cavity for vitamins can’t reach the growth stage of children;

2. Recurrent oral ulcer belongs to polygenic genetic disease. If the parents are serious, the possibility of children’s heredity is great.

, especially the elderly, is prone to gastrointestinal dysfunction, lack of trace elements such as iron and zinc in the body, poor sleep leading to mental tension, fatigue or cold, will induce oral ulcer.

Oral mucosal disease refers to the damage of the oral mucosa. The specific symptoms are: ulceration of the mouth and tongue, dry split tongue, hoarseness of voice, dry mouth and bitter mouth, oral lichen planus, stomatitis, recurrent aphthous sore, lipitis and other oral diseases caused by the following aspects, resulting in eating difficulties, intolerable oral pain and suffering. Once the disease is caused, it will recur (more and more serious).

can lead to many complications in the body, directly affect the health and life of patients, work, the disease mercilessly torment patients.

at present, it is often used to control symptoms with western medicine in clinical, but it is difficult to cure, so it is listed as one of the major problems in the field of Stomatology.

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