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Often suffer from oral ulcer to guard against oral cancer?

Oral ulcer is a common disease of the oral cavity. Many people suffer from it, and some pe…

Oral ulcer is a common disease of the oral cavity. Many people suffer from it, and some people often use “burn” to explain it. Some netizens said that oral ulcer should not be taken lightly, maybe it has something to do with oral cancer. But some netizens think that this view is too exaggerated. What is the truth?

If the ulcer is recurrent, it will often change its position, and has self-healing in a short period of time, so it is not easy to malignant change. If an ulcer does not heal in one place for a long time, and the patient has never had a history of ulcer, the possibility of ulcer malignant change is relatively high.

Experts said that malignant tumors in the oral cavity, commonly known as oral cancer, most of the oral cancer is caused by the malignant transformation of the squamous cells on the surface of the oral mucosa, that is, squamous cell carcinoma, which is more common in the tongue, gums and buccal, and some oral cancer is manifested by oral ulcer. So how to distinguish ordinary oral ulcer from oral cancer? What symptom characteristic does ulcer that may develop cancer have commonly?

The ulcer lasts for a long time and has no tendency of self-healing. It grows continuously and gradually. Its diameter is about one centimeter. It should be at least in peanuts, or above broad beans. Generally, there will be hard lumps or protruding growth on the surface. This kind of recurrent oral ulcer is soft around, its surface is sometimes cauliflower like, there will be some cracks in the middle, sometimes bleeding.

Experts said that the course of cancer ulcer is long, and there is no tendency of self-healing or shrinking for about a month. In addition, experts remind that cancer ulcer has a certain degree of bewilderment, which can not be judged simply by whether it is painful or not.

Early cancer ulcer is not necessarily the main complaint of pain, it is a chronic change. The common recurrent oral ulcer is inflammation. The inflammatory factors secreted stimulate people greatly, which is easy to make painful nerves feel, so the ulcer is more painful, and the cancerous ulcer is less painful.

So when we encounter oral ulcer with fixed position, size such as broad bean, irregular shape, concave or cauliflower edge bulge, touching with swelling, we need to be alert and see a doctor in time. So which people belong to the multiple population, should pay more attention to it?

First, people who love smoking. Second, the elderly patients will have the imbalance of human immune balance. If there is no immune cell fighting against cancer cells, the cancer cells will grow crazily.

Experts said that there are three growth modes of oral cancer: ulcerative, invasive and traumatic. Ulcerative canceration is only one of the three manifestations of oral cancer. In addition to the specific population vulnerable to oral cancer due to weak autoimmune function, there are also some oral injuries that need attention.

We often find that patients have a history of repeated trauma, such as repeated bites, or near the canceration area, there are some bad restorations, residual roots and crowns, sharp hard tissues that cause repeated trauma, which will lead to canceration of traumatic lesions.

Experts suggest that the residual root and canisters in the mouth should be removed in time, and more attention should be paid to the inappropriate dentures of the elderly, so as to reduce the stimulation and friction to the oral mucosa and avoid the occurrence of oral ulcer.

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