Nerve anxiety can also lead to oral ulcers

I’m very anxious recently. I’m not satisfied with my works. I feel that I&#821…

I’m very anxious recently. I’m not satisfied with my works. I feel that I’ve exhausted my talent. I’m fidgety and nervous. I’m going to be a panda. The ulcers in

‘s mouth come out one by one, and it’s painful to drink water, not to mention to eat, especially when I encounter sour, salty and spicy food, which makes her miss a lot of delicious food.

all say that oral ulcer is a minor disease, but how can it be so painful and restless? I’m dying of depression every day.

I have also been to the hospital for treatment. The doctors prescribe external application medicine, which is very good soon, but I started to take it out again in a few days.

is endless, more than once. My boyfriend,

, went online for consultation, saw a hospital where traditional Chinese medicine can remove the root of oral ulcer, made an appointment with an expert on the Internet, and accompanied her to the hospital by the time.

Doctors told them that modern medicine believes that recurrent oral ulcer has a very close relationship with immunity at first.

some patients show immune deficiency, some patients show autoimmune reaction, that is to say, because of various factors, the normal immune system of human body produces immune response to the antigens of self-organization, which causes tissue damage and morbidity.

Secondly, it is related to heredity. In clinical practice, the incidence of recurrent oral ulcer has obvious family genetic tendency. If one or more parents suffer from recurrent oral ulcer, their children are more likely to suffer from it than the general population

In addition, the recurrence of oral ulcer is often related to some diseases or symptoms, such as gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, chronic or chronic hepatitis, colitis and so on. In addition, anemia, overeating, dyspepsia, diarrhea, fever, lack of sleep, fatigue, stress, work pressure, menstrual cycle changes and so on

With the activity, alternation and overlapping of one or more factors, the immunity of the body will be decreased and the immune function will be disordered, which will also cause the frequent attack of recurrent oral ulcer

The small cause of the disease is mainly due to her high work pressure and often nervous anxiety. In this case, the condition repeatedly causes recurrent aphthous ulcer. It is recommended that she use characteristic Chinese medicine therapy to better control the condition

After a period of treatment, she felt the ulcer healed obviously, the condition was controlled, and the inspiration seemed to come back. The new design was adopted by the company.

she especially thanked the hospital for giving her a new life.

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