“Must see” – how to prevent caries

There are many details about caries prevention in children, but they are easy to be ignore…

There are many details about caries prevention in children, but they are easy to be ignored
1. Health care during pregnancy should be done well.

eat more vegetables, fruits, tea, milk and other foods and drinks containing a certain amount of fluoride, which will have obvious benefits for children’s future tooth development and reduce the chance of caries.

2. Avoid infant’s “bottle syndrome”.

and correct bad oral habits such as finger sucking.

3. The parents should brush the baby’s teeth.

before the baby’s primary teeth erupt, the parents can dip a piece of gauze about 5cm in length and 5cm in width into light salt water, and wipe it gently to remove the plaque on the baby’s gum.

4. Pit and groove sealing of newly erupted permanent molars and premolars
5. Remove the retained deciduous teeth in time
6. If necessary, use a space maintainer to maintain the gap of missing teeth, which is conducive to the normal eruption of permanent teeth
7. It is recommended to eat sweets before meals or when drinking water.

the best food between meals is fresh fruits, vegetables, milk, juice, biscuits or walnuts, chestnuts and popcorn

8. The number of times that children eat sweets every day should be controlled at 1 & mdash; 2 times, and the amount should be controlled at the same time. Otherwise, the long time that children have sugar in their mouth will not only limit the neutralization effect of salivary chemicals on bacterial acid production, but also promote the reproduction of bacteria in the mouth
9. Tea can protect teeth, especially for children.

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