Life and diagnosis and treatment of patients with oral mucosal diseases

1. Most oral mucosal diseases are related to systemic diseases, and many are chronic disea…

1. Most oral mucosal diseases are related to systemic diseases, and many are chronic diseases, which need long-term medication. Therefore, before treatment, systemic examinations such as blood routine examination, renal function and liver function should be done, and systemic diseases should be actively treated

2. The majority of oral mucosal diseases are benign diseases, and unnecessary fear of cancer should be eliminated.

most patients can be controlled, relieved or even cured after regular treatment.

3. Patients with oral mucosal disease should establish a good optimistic and upward treatment attitude, live a regular life, avoid tiredness, depression, anxiety, sadness and other adverse emotions, and aggravate the disease

4. According to the doctor’s requirements, the lesions related to mucosal diseases in the oral cavity should be treated, such as removal of residual roots and crowns, removal of bad restorations, modification of unsuitable dentures, treatment of caries, regular cleaning, etc.

5. Some oral mucosal diseases belong to precancerous lesions or precancerous state. Histopathological examination is required according to the condition of the disease, and regular medical observation is also required

6. According to experience, it should be taboo in the diet of chronic diseases such as leukoplakia, lichen planus, chronic cheilitis and pemphigus: acid, spicy, hot, hard, pickled products, hemp, astringent and other foods, as well as tobacco and wine.

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