Learn these skills to prevent children from toothache so easy

Experts introduced the prevention methods of toothache:   1. If the child says tootha…

Experts introduced the prevention methods of toothache:
1. If the child says toothache, the parents can not only directly inquire whether there is caries, but also tap the teeth with a small spoon to find out which tooth has caries
2. Every once in a while, we should see if there are black spots or small holes in the child’s teeth.

take the child to the hospital every six months to check the growth and health of the teeth

3. Always correct children’s bad habits and cultivate accurate life rules. Wash your mouth or brush your teeth after meals and before going to bed.

don’t eat sweets before going to bed, especially babies, don’t eat milk with nipples. Older children should correct the habit of eating snacks

4. Once the baby’s primary teeth erupt about 6 months after birth, after breastfeeding or eating, the parents should put gauze on the index finger to help clean the teeth, teach laikou before and after the age of 3, and help the baby brush teeth before the age of 4 under the supervision of the parents
5. Children should use the brushing method. First, use the small brush head and the soft brush hair to brush their teeth in the direction of the crown. They can brush off the food soft dirt on their teeth and massage the roots together.

always use the fluoride toothpaste to brush their teeth.

The tooth can resist the corrosion of bacteria and sugar by brushing the teeth with fluoride toothpaste and covering the surface with fluoride.

When children grow teeth, if they can’t do oral care, it will easily cause caries and toothache.

mothers should first understand the common sense of children’s dental care, do a good job of health care measures to prevent children’s toothache, and try to prevent children from presenting toothache symptoms;

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