Knead the little finger to prevent halitosis

A lot of people have trouble with halitosis, and awkward breath sometimes even affects the…

A lot of people have trouble with halitosis, and awkward breath sometimes even affects their social life.

in traditional Chinese medicine, halitosis in the elderly is mostly related to the accumulation of heat in the spleen and stomach, and the invasion of dampness and turbidity. In six words, it can be summarized as follows: & ldquo; stomach is hot, stomach is hot & rdquo;.

usually press the two acupoints on the hand, it can play the role of clearing heat and purging fire, and eliminating halitosis.

The point of

is located in the middle of the transverse line of wrist and palms. The point of

is the key point of invigorating the spleen. Massage the point of Daling can relieve fire and remove dampness. The point of

presses the point of Daling on the right hand with the left thumb for 3 & mdash; 5 minutes, and then about exchange.

massage should be a little bit hard, to feel the slight pain of swelling.

massage Daling point can also alleviate heel pain.

Houxi point.

Houxi point is easy to find. It is located outside the root of the little thumb and at the end of communication with the transverse lines of the palm.

can clench a fist slightly when massaging, pinch and rub the thumb of the other hand for 5 minutes to feel slight pain, and then massage the other side.

This part of Houxi point of both hands can also be placed on the edge of the table, and the wrist joint can be used to drive both hands to roll back and forth easily, so as to achieve the stimulation effect

It should be noted that halitosis is sometimes caused by some diseases. If it is found that it is rotten apple or garlic odor, we should be alert to diabetic ketoacidosis; if it is smelly, we should be careful whether there will be kidney function problems; halitosis of liver disease patients generally presents rotten odor.

therefore, old people have abnormal halitosis, it is best to go to the hospital to find out the cause in time;

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