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Is it safe to implant your teeth?

&With the popularization of implant technology, more and more people begin to choose …

&With the popularization of implant technology, more and more people begin to choose implant as the main means of restoration of missing teeth.

, however, it also needs to be maintained after implant operation. If the

is properly maintained and effectively prevents the generation of peri implant inflammation, the implant teeth are likely to accompany you for life! For this reason, the morning post invited Julia, director of Bayer dental implant, to introduce the maintenance of implant teeth, extend the life of implant teeth, and make it really become our third pair of teeth!

According to Julia, dental implant is also called artificial implant, which is not true; For natural teeth, the pure titanium metal with high bone compatibility with human body is precisely designed and manufactured into a cylinder or other shape similar to the root, which is implanted into the alveolar bone in the edentulous area by small surgery. After 1-3 months, when the artificial root and the alveolar bone are closed, the ceramic crown and all ceramic crown are made on the artificial root It is destructive, and implant teeth have been recognized as the first choice for restoration of missing teeth by the stomatological community. Because the implant teeth of

are deeply embedded in the alveolar bone, they can bear the normal chewing force, and their function and appearance are almost the same as those of natural teeth. Therefore, they are called the third teeth of human beings, so you have the perfect effect of healthy, confident and smiling!

But implant teeth & ldquo; species & rdquo; The patient needs to prevent peri implant inflammation.

periimplant inflammation mainly refers to the inflammation of soft and hard tissue around the implant, which is often manifested as congestion, swelling and pyorrhea of gingiva or periodontal mucosa in clinical practice The main reason is that the blood supply of soft tissue around implant is less than that of gingival tissue The ability of the surrounding tissues of implants to resist foreign infection is relatively low, so if they do not pay attention to maintenance and clean up regularly, it is likely to produce inflammation, resulting in redness and edema around the implants. If it is serious, it may lead to loosening of the implants and serious loss of bone fusion of the implants.

So how can we prevent peri implant inflammation, guarantee and extend the life of implant teeth, so that one tooth can serve for life?
Although the life expectancy of implant teeth is relatively long, it is necessary to maintain the implant teeth.

can not be used well without good maintenance.

implant teeth maintenance includes preoperative and postoperative implant teeth maintenance.

It is necessary to wait 3 months or more for crown restoration after root implantation. Pay attention to oral hygiene during this period of time. Rinse your mouth immediately after eating. Brush your teeth with a soft brush in the morning and evening every day to maintain oral hygiene After crown restoration, it is not suitable to chew hard things, and pay attention to the hygiene of the area between the crown and the adjacent teeth. It is better to use the floss correctly to prevent the caries of the adjacent teeth.

needs to go to the hospital for regular inspection every half a year, if there is any calculus, it needs to be cleaned in time.

No matter natural teeth or implant teeth, only by protecting them well can the teeth exist in the mouth healthily and serve you for a long time
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