How to prevent repeated oral ulcer in life

Oral ulcer is a common disease. Some people are always on fire. It seems that there is lit…

Oral ulcer is a common disease. Some people are always on fire. It seems that there is little damage on the mucous membrane and tongue, but it makes people extremely uncomfortable. Especially when they brush their teeth and eat, they have to bear the pain.

usually, oral ulcer does not need treatment, and it can heal itself in about 10 days.

Generally speaking, people with balanced body health and nutrition seldom suffer from oral ulcer.

, however, some people often suffer from oral ulcer. One ulcer face is just better than the other and it appears like a bamboo shoot, which is very irritating.

for this group of people, the nutrition doctor has some practical suggestions to avoid the recurrence of ulcer.

Professor Yao Gaosheng, chief expert of Dongcheng Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, said that we found that people with repeated oral ulcers need to be treated reasonably. They usually need to reduce inflammation, relieve pain, promote ulcer healing and improve immunity. They often use gargle, buccal tablets, film, spray, laser treatment, immunotherapy, etc.

In addition to clinical treatment, we also suggest that patients should make an assessment of their diet, whether it is caused by nutritional deficiency or unreasonable diet. If there is any unreasonable place, corresponding adjustment should be made
Yao pointed out that people who suffer from repeated oral ulcer should first eat light food, less spicy, warm dry, hot work, barbecue, fried, fried food, such as onion, ginger, garlic, leek, chili, pepper, beef, sheep, dog meat, etc.; bacon, salted fish, bacon, ham and other pickled products and bamboo shoots should also be eaten less
Secondly, eat more zinc rich foods, because zinc can promote wound healing, such as oysters, animal liver, lean meat, eggs, peanuts, walnuts, etc.

Third, eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, coarse grains and other foods rich in vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, which is conducive to the healing of ulcers, such as oats, soybeans, tomatoes, spinach, carrots, oranges, kiwifruit, apples, etc.

Finally, she suggested that we should stop smoking and drinking, and avoid coffee and stimulant drinks.

change the bad eating habits, avoid partial eating, resulting in malnutrition and low immunity.


Of course, in order to reduce the incidence of oral ulcer, we should combine work with rest, keep a happy mood, avoid excessive fatigue, form a good life rule, improve personal physical quality and avoid inducing factors as much as possible;

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