How to prevent middle-aged and old people’s loose teeth?

1. Loose teeth   One is the loosening caused by the mechanical impact of external for…

1. Loose teeth
One is the loosening caused by the mechanical impact of external forces, and the loosening of teeth caused by chewing hard objects is also included in this category;
The other is periodontal disease, which causes gingival atrophy, alveolar bone resorption and degeneration, and finally leads to tooth loosening
Serious consequences of tooth loosening can lead to tooth loss The former belongs to the loosening caused by external force collision, and the latter belongs to the health problems of the mouth and gums. From the medical point of view, it belongs to the physiological or pathological atrophy caused by the nutritional disorders of gums or serious periodontal diseases, but it is ultimately attributed to the atrophy caused by the nutritional supply dysfunction of the oral gingiva itself, which eventually leads to the loosening of teeth
2. Why are teeth loose?
In fact, the teeth are like a tree firmly growing in the soil (the alveolar bone and gum are equivalent to the soil in which the teeth grow). The tree trunk stands on the ground, and the root is deeply buried in the soil.

is only between the root and the alveolar bone is pulled by tens of millions of elastic fibers.

these fibers hang the root in the middle of the alveolar bone, which is called periodontal membrane in medicine When

suffers from periodontitis, the periodontal ligament is stimulated by chronic inflammation for a long time, which makes the periodontal ligament fibers gradually degenerate and destroy.

when these periodontal tissues supporting teeth are gradually destroyed, the gingiva will shrink, the alveolar bone will absorb, and the teeth will become loose.

Tooth looseness will first lead to the consequence of masticatory weakness, and will continue to worsen, which will lead to tooth loss.

if more than one tooth in the mouth loosens and falls off in succession, it will lead to a sharp decline in masticatory ability, and then the digestive system problems, which will affect the overall absorption of multiple nutrients, and thus bring more irreparable harm to the health of the body.


It is usually long-term periodontitis and gingival atrophy that will lead to tooth loosening. Therefore, as long as periodontitis symptoms (gingival bleeding, redness and blood stasis of gingival color, calculus and peculiar smell of mouth) and gingival atrophy (increase of tooth gap and tooth length) appear in the early stage, it is necessary to go to the regular oral hospital for examination, and restore the nutrition metabolism of gingiva immediately, which will not deteriorate to the alveolar basically The bone can’t be supported by gingiva, so the tooth can’t be loose. The key to prevent the tooth from loosening is to take care of it in time before the gingival atrophy;

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