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How to deal with the problems caused by inlaying teeth

&Dental prosthodontics is an important branch of Stomatology. Implant prosthodontics,…

&Dental prosthodontics is an important branch of Stomatology. Implant prosthodontics, adhesive prosthodontics and aesthetic prosthodontics are the fastest growing fields of modern dental prosthodontics, and have significantly improved the therapeutic effect and level of dental prosthodontics.

The precautions for different types of prosthetics will be different after wearing, and the common contents are listed below
1. Oral health
In many cases, prosthetic wear will increase the difficulty of oral hygiene maintenance and cleaning, if not paid attention to, it is easy to cause caries and periodontal disease.

should follow the doctor’s guidance, and pay attention to the cleaning of prosthetics while cleaning the natural teeth.

removable dentures should be removed and soaked in cold water before going to bed

2. The concept of protecting prosthesis
Try not to bite the hard food with the front teeth, and do not bite the hard food with the back teeth.

do not push and pull the snap ring or the push-pull base when removing the removable denture, and do not use too much force.

do not use the teeth to bite in place when wearing the removable denture, so as to prevent the snap ring from deformation or the denture from breaking.

3. Find a doctor to deal with problems in time
In case of pain, inflammation, denture damage and other problems, please do not deal with them by yourself, in case of delay or even aggravation, please contact the doctor for further consultation in time
4. Regular review
After the completion of the repair treatment, under normal circumstances, it is generally reviewed once every six months to a year. Doctors can conduct a series of examinations for the prosthesis while doing routine oral examination, and adjust or repair it if necessary
5. Correctly understand and face the process of adaptation
There is a process of adaptation from physiological and psychological point of view after wearing the prosthesis.

, especially the active prosthesis, because of its large volume, it is easy to produce foreign body feeling, even nausea or vomiting, and its pronunciation may also be affected, so the adaptation time is longer.

As for the process of adaptation, don’t be impatient after wearing the prosthesis, and understand the process of adaptation. The vast majority of patients can adapt well and use the prosthesis.

Possible problems and Countermeasures after repair
1. Pain
The common manifestations are: occlusal pain, spontaneous pain, radiation pain, etc.

Countermeasures: consult a doctor for diagnosis and treatment
2. Inflammation
Common symptoms include: swelling, bleeding, pain, etc.

Countermeasures: keep oral hygiene; consult a doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

3. The prosthesis is loose and falling off
Common manifestations: tooth sensitivity, peculiar smell, prosthetic prolapse, etc.

Countermeasures: keep the prosthesis well; consult a doctor in time for diagnosis and treatment
4. Repair body damaged
Common manifestations: Porcelain collapse, crack, fracture and deformation.

Countermeasures: stop wearing dentures; consult a doctor for diagnosis and treatment
5. Bite the cheek and tongue
Common manifestations: bite the cheek and tongue when eating.

Countermeasures: consult a doctor for diagnosis and treatment
9. Material allergy
Common manifestations: congestion and pain of mucous membrane
Countermeasures: stop wearing dentures; consult a doctor for diagnosis and treatment
10. Foreign body feeling, nausea and vomiting
Common manifestations: after wearing the prosthesis, the foreign body felt obvious, even nausea and vomiting.

Countermeasures: try to adapt; if you can’t adapt according to the facts, consult a doctor and let the doctor treat you.

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