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How to deal with porcelain teeth inflammation

The first solution to the inflammation of porcelain teeth In view of the inflamed conditio…

The first solution to the inflammation of porcelain teeth

In view of the inflamed condition of porcelain teeth: first, take a dental film to see the inflamed degree of the root. If there is a cyst or granuloma of the root tip caused by chronic inflammation in the root tip, on the premise of not affecting the fixation of the root, the root tip can be removed to eliminate the inflammation of the root;

If the previous root canal treatment is not perfect, which leads to the recurrence of inflammation, it will be better to solve it, and the treatment can be done again.

finally, if the root has been loosened and the degree of loosening is about 2mm, it is recommended to pull out the implant tooth.

The second solution to the inflammation of porcelain teeth

Generally speaking, the residual root caused by trauma is this problem. There are many sequelae. The prognosis effect is not ideal, and doctors can not guarantee that it can be used for several years. Basically, it is how long it takes, even how long it takes. Most of the teeth of the above patients have no value of retention If all conditions permit, we can consider to make porcelain teeth, all porcelain teeth, precious metal porcelain teeth and cobalt chromium porcelain teeth.

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