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How to better care for your implant teeth

Three months after operation Although the dental implant surgery is not large, if we don&#…

Three months after operation

Although the dental implant surgery is not large, if we don’t pay attention to the nursing after the surgery, it is easy to have wound infection, cracking and other situations, and the serious cases will also lead to the failure of dental implant.

therefore, we should pay attention to the following problems after the surgery:

1. On the day after the operation, the patient should take half flow or full flow food, remove the thread to advance soft food, and do not use the teeth in the operation area to chew food.

patients who grow teeth immediately after extraction should not use the implant teeth to chew hard food within three months after the operation.

should give up smoking, alcohol and irritant food.

Under the guidance of doctors, supplement calcium preparation properly to increase the intake of high calcium foods and vitamins

2. Within 24 hours after the operation, the teeth in the operation area shall not be brushed in order to avoid irritation to the wound.

pay attention to keep the oral hygiene, brush the teeth once in the morning and evening every day, and rinse with mouthwash several times after the meal to prevent infection of the wound.

3. Reduce the movement of the muscles around the operation area, and try not to laugh or talk frequently within three months after the operation, so as to prevent the wounds from tearing due to the excessive movement of the gills

4. Frequently observe the situation of implants and wounds. Once problems are found, report to the doctor in time and solve them as soon as possible

Three months after operation

The comfort, beauty and good chewing function of implant teeth often make people forget its existence, ignore the correct use and maintenance of implant teeth. In addition, implant teeth do not have the sense ability of natural teeth, and can not produce pain signals after being injured. Once problems occur, it is often too late.

therefore, patients must pay attention to the following points during the use:

1. The implant teeth should bear the masticatory function reasonably to prevent excessive stress.

due to different factors such as bone and physical health, the hardness and tenacity of the food that

implant teeth can chew are also different. Which food can not be chewed (such as bone, hard beans, dried meat, etc.)? Patients should follow the doctor’s advice, at the same time, gradually find out the food suitable for implant chewing, so as to give the best play to the efficacy of implant

2. Do a good job in the daily cleaning of the oral cavity and implant teeth.

poor oral hygiene is easy to cause peri implant inflammation.

in addition to insisting on brushing teeth every morning and evening and rinsing after meals, pay special attention to the health status of the implant teeth, and the cleaning focus is on the neck and surrounding gingival tissue of the implant teeth The toothbrush with moderate soft and hard bristles and round head at the end shall be selected for brushing. The toothpaste containing soft friction agent and warm water shall be used. When brushing with

, the bristles shall be pointed at the root direction of the implant teeth at an angle of 45 degrees, and the bristles shall be pressed at the junction of the implant teeth and the gum to make half of the bristles contact the implant teeth, and half of the bristles shall be pressed on the gum, and each tooth shall be brushed carefully in order.

The brushing action should be gentle, so as to avoid direct stimulation and damage to the gums around the implant teeth by toothbrush. The adjacent surface of the implant teeth can be cleaned with floss or interdental cleaner, or with periodontal massage under the guidance of the doctor

Smoking will increase the incidence of periodontitis, so patients should reduce smoking after dental implantation, and quit smoking is the best way

3. Regular reexamination and medical care; It’s not enough to brush teeth correctly after teeth. It’s also necessary to go to the hospital regularly to clean the implant teeth and natural teeth. Generally, it’s necessary to go to a special hospital every six months to clean the plaque and stone that can’t be removed by conventional brushing in time At the same time, the doctor should check whether the connection part of the implant tooth is loose or not, and whether the implant tooth and the natural tooth are uncoordinated. If any abnormality is found, the doctor can correct it in time

The careful care of implant teeth is also the process of treating oral diseases. We should learn to use and protect implant teeth correctly, so as to ensure the complete success of implant teeth

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