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How much do you know about general anesthesia

For children, because of anxiety, tension or fear, it is difficult to complete the routine…

For children, because of anxiety, tension or fear, it is difficult to complete the routine treatment of diseased teeth in many times.

research shows that as many as 43% of young children show dental anxiety when they see a doctor, especially for the drill, expanding needle, syringe and so on, showing a special fear of refusing to accept oral treatment.

In order to treat children’s dental diseases in a safe and stable state, more and more dental experts recommend the treatment of teeth under general anesthesia in recent years

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General anesthesia has been used in children’s stomatology since 1980s. It has been a very mature technology after years of development.

general anesthetics can be controlled and regulated by inhaling into the body through respiratory tract and injecting into the body through vein.

The whole anesthesia process is supervised by anesthesiologists, so parents don’t have to worry about safety.

in 1999, the Stomatological Hospital of Peking University began to use general anesthesia to treat teeth. So far, many key universities in China have implemented general anesthesia to treat teeth.

Tianjin stomatology hospital children’s stomatology department started to carry out this technology with the support of anesthesiologists in 2014, and achieved good results.

so far (October 2015), nearly 300 children have been successfully treated with general anesthesia under dental treatment, and no patient has any treatment risk and accident As a result of one-time completion of the treatment of the whole teeth, and the child has no pain, the parents are very satisfied.

therefore, we solemnly recommend that children who do not cooperate with the general anesthesia technology should be assisted in the treatment of oral diseases, away from fear and pain, so that oral treatment can become a real “enjoy” medical treatment

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