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How long does oral ulcer cicatrization just calculate normal? Do not take it improper disease!

Doctor, my oral ulcer is recurrent. Sometimes a company can’t eat well for more than ten days. Can you cure it for me? Doctor, I have burning pain in my tongue and mouth. Is it an oral ulcer? Doctor, I have been suffering from oral ulcer for one month. Is it oral cancer? Everyone should have the experience of eating and biting to the mouth, and once the bite develops into an ulcer, a pain will last for several days, and it’s hard to talk and eat. Dr. Song Jiangyuan…

Doctor, my oral ulcer is recurrent. Sometimes a company can’t eat well for more than ten days. Can you cure it for me?

Doctor, I have burning pain in my tongue and mouth. Is it an oral ulcer?

Doctor, I have been suffering from oral ulcer for one month. Is it oral cancer?

Everyone should have the experience of eating and biting to the mouth, and once the bite develops into an ulcer, a pain will last for several days, and it’s hard to talk and eat. Dr. Song Jiangyuan from the stomatological center of Xiehe Hospital was invited by haoyi.com to answer the questions about oral ulcer. Let’s learn about the existence of oral ulcer?

What kind of disease is aphtha

“Aphthous ulcer” is a common name. Its scientific name is called recurrent aphthous ulcer. From its scientific name, it can be seen that it has the characteristics of repeated attacks. It is the most common oral mucosal disease, with a prevalence of about 20% and up to 50% in a specific population.

The disease is characterized by periodicity, recurrence and self limitation. The typical manifestations of recurrent oral ulcer are “yellow, red, concave and painful”. According to the clinical manifestations, it can be divided into three types: light, heavy and herpes like recurrent oral ulcer.


Light recurrent oral ulcer

In patients with light ulcer, the number of ulcer is small, the diameter of ulcer is usually within 1 cm, and the ulcer can be healed in one to two weeks without scar;


[severe recurrent oral ulcer]

The diameter of severe ulcer is usually more than 1cm, the ulcer is deep, it takes more than 2 weeks to heal, and scar can be left after healing;


[herpes like recurrent oral ulcer]

Herpetic ulcer is usually the size of the tip of a needle, such as the distribution of stars in the oral mucosa, which can heal in one to two weeks, without leaving scars, and may be accompanied by systemic symptoms, such as fever, sore throat, etc.

Why do I get a sore

The causes of aphtha are complex:

1. Immune factors (immune disorders)

2. Genetic factors (the probability of long ulcer of parents and their children increases)

3. Environmental factors (emotional anxiety, high pressure, high school entrance examination and college entrance examination preparation, job hunting, often staying up late; eating spicy, hot, hard or other stimulating food on the diet)

4. Gastrointestinal dysfunction, etc

There is more than one person behind the recurrent ulcer

Recurrent oral ulcer seems to be simple, but in fact, its etiology is complex, and its etiology and pathogenesis are still unclear. The predisposing factors may be local trauma, mental tension, changes in food, drugs, hormone levels, and vitamin or trace element deficiency. Systemic diseases, heredity, immunity and microorganism may play an important role in its occurrence and development. Local treatment is the main treatment, and systemic treatment is needed for severe cases. If we can not achieve complete treatment for the cause, we may not achieve the treatment effect.

oral ulcer is just a symptom, not the name of the disease. If there are other systemic diseases in the body, it will also lead to oral ulcer. Said Dr. Song Jiangyuan.

For example: Behcet’s syndrome (mouth eye genitalia skin quadruple syndrome), Reiter’s syndrome (arthritis, urethritis, conjunctivitis, oral ulcer), Crohn’s disease (linear ulcer + diarrhea, abdominal distention, etc.), pfapa (periodic fever, aphthous stomatitis, pharyngitis, cervical lymphadenitis), AI AIDS, leukemia, oral tuberculosis, lymphoma, etc.

Is it cancer if the sore doesn’t heal

Many people are afraid of oral cancer after suffering from aphthous ulcer. Some people think it’s ok if they don’t take it seriously. In fact, it is easy to distinguish the recurrent oral ulcer and the tumor caused oral ulcer. The former is round in shape, soft to touch, recurring, and generally heals in about a week. The latter shows irregular shape, and hard masses can be felt around the ulcer and the base. The early pain is not obvious, but the development is very rapid, and it can not be cured for a long time.

Dr. Song often meets these two types of patients in the outpatient department, and will tell them: “to judge whether it is oral cancer, we need to integrate various information. If the shape is irregular, the touch is very hard, and it has not healed for more than 2 mdash; 4 weeks, we will advise the patients to do further examination.”.

Mouth sores recur, usually heal in one place, and start to grow new ones in another place. That is to say, the typical mouth sores are recurrent, self limiting and cyclical, so the mouth sores we call generally do not become oral cancer, but if the ulcer has not healed in the same place for more than 2 to 4 weeks, we need to be alert. It may be oral cancer It needs to be checked in a special medical center in time.

But it’s not that the oral cancer will not heal for a long time. Only those oral ulcers which are stimulated by foreign bodies and attack repeatedly in the same place for a long time can easily become cancerous. Prolonged nonunion may also be a symptom of other systemic diseases in the mouth.

How to prevent aphtha

According to the American Academy of oral mucosal diseases, the most important thing is to keep a good personal record of the ulcer attack, try to find the living habits, diet and suspected allergic substances related to the ulcer attack, so as to correct them and prevent recurrence. In addition, we suggest that the following should be done as far as possible:

① regular work and rest time;

② eat a balanced diet (note that it is not just to emphasize eating fruits and vegetables), and avoid spicy and irritant food;

③ regulate mood and relax mood. Sometimes the greater the mental pressure, the worse the mood, the more likely the ulcer attack.

In one’s life, the probability of oral ulcer is almost 100%. Oral ulcer is likely to become cancerous. If it develops continuously, does not heal for months or even more than a year, or has obvious systemic symptoms, even anemia, fatigue, etc., you should go to a regular oral hospital as soon as possible.

Oral ulcer after taking 5 kinds of Medicine

If you have oral ulcer during taking the following drugs, it is better to deal with it in time according to the situation.


Runhou tablet

Many people feel that the throat moistening tablets such as HuaSu tablets and Yinhuang buccal tablets are cool and comfortable in the mouth. In fact, this cool feeling is the function of mint, iodine and other ingredients in the throat moistening tablets. This kind of ingredients may affect the normal flora in the oral cavity and stimulate the oral mucosa.

If it is taken in a large amount in a short time, it may cause oral ulcer.

Suggestion: if the throat is not timely, it is better to take it according to the dosage recommended in the instruction manual. If the symptoms are not relieved after 3-5 days of continuous use, you should see a doctor in time.



Antibiotics are often used to treat bacterial infection, but if not properly used, it may also cause fungal infection and oral ulcer, especially ampicillin, Cefalexin and other broad-spectrum antibiotics.

Suggestion: antibiotics are mainly used to treat bacterial, mycoplasma and other pathogenic microorganisms caused by infection, such as cold, diarrhea and other common diseases do not need antibiotics.

In addition, antibiotics are prescription drugs, should strictly follow the doctor’s prescription to buy and use, so as to achieve better therapeutic effect.


Antipyretic analgesic

Ibuprofen, paracetamol and other drugs are mostly used to relieve pain and fever, but when fever occurs, the oral mucosa is relatively fragile. If the drugs stay in the oral cavity for too long, it is easy to cause mucosal damage and oral ulcer.

Suggestion: drink some water before taking this kind of medicine to moisten the mouth, so as to avoid sticking the tablet on the surface of mucous membrane and being difficult to swallow.



Some oral problems require the use of a medicinal mouthwash with a certain antibacterial effect. If the corresponding oral disease improves or recovers, and continues to use for a long time without permission, it may cause the disorder of normal flora in the oral cavity, and increase the risk of oral ulcer.

Suggestion: antibacterial mouthwash must be used in accordance with the doctor’s instructions.



If the asthma spray containing hormone is not rinsed in time, the hormone may stay in the mouth for a long time.

After dripping the hormone containing eye drops, if the inner corner of the eye is not pressed in time, the drug components may enter the mouth through the nasolacrimal duct.

Although these two conditions are not direct oral drugs, they may have an impact on the oral mucosa. Long term and frequent hormone stimulation may also cause oral mucosa injury and increase the risk of oral ulcer.

Suggestion: rinse the mouth with clear water immediately after using asthma spray; press the inner corner of the eye for 1-2 minutes in time after eye drops.

Warm tips

If there is oral ulcer in the course of medication, it is recommended to consult a doctor or pharmacist and adjust the medication plan.

The oral mucosa has the function of repair, generally self-healing in about 10 days, so it can improve itself after stopping or changing medicine. If the ulcer is painful or does not heal for more than two weeks, you should see the stomatology department of the hospital.

During the ulcer period, we should pay attention to keep the mouth clean, eat less stimulating food, and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.

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