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How can oral ulcer pain be unbearable? Experts teach you to deal with it correctly!

Oral ulcer is one of the common oral diseases. Many people think that the occurrence of or…

Oral ulcer is one of the common oral diseases. Many people think that the occurrence of oral ulcer must be on fire. As long as they eat some clear powder, they will get better. However, this is not the case. After some patients take clear powder, the oral ulcer is not improved, but more serious. So, what causes oral ulcer? How to relieve the pain of oral ulcer? What should we pay attention to when oral ulcer occurs repeatedly?

What causes oral ulcer

First of all, when the body is over tired or the human immunity is reduced, it is easy to activate the latent virus in the body, leading to the occurrence of ulcer; secondly, the occurrence of oral ulcer is related to gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, ulcerative colitis, localized enteritis, etc., so the disease and dysfunction of the digestion system can also cause oral ulcer; Thirdly, endocrine disorders may also lead to oral ulcer. For example, before and after menstruation or during weight loss, oral ulcer will recur, which is related to estrogen in women. At this time, estrogen should be supplemented to maintain the balance of estrogen in the body; In addition, the lack of vitamins can also lead to oral ulcer. For example, some people do not like to eat fruits and vegetables with high vitamin content, resulting in the lack of vitamins and minerals in the body, which is also easy to lead to oral ulcer.

How to relieve the pain caused by oral ulcer

Relieving the pain caused by oral ulcer is the demand of every patient. There are four ways to relieve the pain caused by oral ulcer:

1. Take 1 & mdash; 2 HuaSu tablets every time, 3 & mdash; 4 times a day. HuaSu tablet has obvious astringent and detumescence effect, which can relieve the pain caused by oral ulcer rapidly, improve the blood circulation of ulcer surface and promote wound healing.

2. Including ice. In order to calm the pain, patients can directly contain small ice in the location of the ulcer, the effect is significant.

3. Rinse your mouth with hot salt water. Patients with oral ulcer can often use hot salt water to rinse their mouth, which can also effectively reduce the pain of ulcer.

4. After cleaning the mouth, apply honey on the ulcer surface with disinfectant cotton swab, do not eat temporarily. About 15 minutes later, honey can be swallowed. Honey has the effect of promoting cell regeneration, and it can be applied again and again for several times a day.

5. Yunnan Baiyao was applied to the wound of oral ulcer twice a day, generally 2 & mdash; 3 days. Yunnan Baiyao is mainly composed of Panax notoginseng, which can eliminate inflammation and swelling, discharge pus and expel toxin.

6. Eat more tomatoes. It contains a lot of B, C vitamins, carotene, calcium, iron, zinc, iodine and other microelements. It can effectively prevent the occurrence of oral ulcer by taking 2 & mdash; 3 every day.

These methods can only temporarily relieve the pain of ulcer. If the ulcer is too painful for a long time, you should go to the hospital in time.

Reminder: in the treatment of recurrent oral ulcer, we should try our best to find the inducement and law of ulcer attack, adjust our living habits, avoid staying up late, balance our diet, supplement microelements and vitamins when necessary, and for the patients in the attack stage, we should pay attention to maintain oral health and good sleep, avoid eating stimulating food, so as to reduce the pain of ulcer and promote the healing of ulcer. It is suggested that patients with severe recurrent ulcer should go to hospital as soon as possible and take medicine under the guidance of doctors.

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