Far away from the high incidence period of oral ulcer in autumn

At the turn of seasons, the human body is prone to burn, which is also a high incidence pe…

At the turn of seasons, the human body is prone to burn, which is also a high incidence period of oral ulcer, and it is easy to relapse.

days ago, the number of patients with oral ulcer in the Department of Stomatology of Tangshan Union Medical College Hospital increased significantly.

Although it is cool in autumn, there are still several days of high temperature in alternate seasons. In addition, the weather is sunny and dry, and the climate is dry. The damage to human body fluid will lead to dry skin, dry eyes, dry mouth, nose and throat, oral ulcer and other problems
According to experts in the Department, oral ulcer, also known as aphtha, is a superficial ulcer that occurs on the oral mucosa. It is a common disease. The size of the ulcer can be from rice grain to soybean, round or oval. The surface of the ulcer is concave, surrounded by hyperemia. It can cause pain due to irritant food. Generally, it can heal itself in one to two weeks The predisposing factors of oral ulcer may be local trauma, mental tension, changes in food, drugs, hormone levels and vitamin or trace element deficiency.

systemic diseases, genetics, immunity and microorganisms may also play an important role in the occurrence and development of oral ulcer The common people suffer from oral ulcer on weekdays, mostly due to the lack of vitamins, cellulose and other nutrients in the body, the health of the oral mucosa is damaged, or the ulcer surface caused by the problems of the digestive system appears one after another.

especially the people with poor resistance are more likely to get oral ulcer, so pay attention to prevention during the season change


Doctors explained that when oral ulcer occurs, it is often accompanied by constipation, bad breath and other phenomena. Therefore, in autumn, we should eat fresh fruits and vegetables and drink more water.

properly carry out physical exercise to strengthen the body, and pay attention to defecation, improve the body’s & ldquo; strain & rdquo;.

is also very important to maintain a balanced diet, good mood and strengthen the body

usually eat less barbecue and fried food, and pay attention to oral hygiene.

ulcer still need to maintain the good habit of brushing teeth in the morning and evening, gargling after meals.

reduce oral bacteria, prevent secondary infection due to food residue.

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