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Eating more raisins can prevent cavities

Sour and sweet raisins are also good food for healthy teeth. American scholars say that ra…

Eating more raisins can prevent cavities

Sour and sweet raisins are also good food for healthy teeth.

American scholars say that raisins contain a variety of compounds that inhibit the growth of oral bacteria, such as oleanolic acid, oleanol, betulin, etc. these chemicals are natural antioxidants in plants, which are beneficial to the health of teeth and gums, and can effectively prevent tooth decay, gingivitis and periodontitis.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that raisins can clear away heat and detoxify, which is usually said to be helpful to prevent “fire teeth”.

not only that, raisins can promote stomach, promote body fluid, and maintain teeth.

As for the sour and sweet taste of raisins, they come from fructose and glucose rather than sucrose, which is harmful to the health of teeth

The Lentinus edodes can prevent caries.

firstly, the lentinan contained in “mushroom Queen” Lentinus edodes can inhibit the growth of oral pathogens, prevent the formation of dental plaque and prevent caries.

Secondly, shiitake mushroom also contains the vitamin D source (ergosterol) which is lacked by common vegetables. Ergosterol can be converted into vitamin D by sunlight, which can enhance the immune ability of human body and help children’s bones and teeth to grow.

Every 100g of dried Lentinus edodes contains 7.8G of crude fiber, just like a toothbrush. When chewing, mechanical friction occurs with the tooth surface, which can clean the teeth and reduce the formation of plaque

The mushroom also contains guanosine acid and mushroom essence, which are fragrant and helpful for breath freshness. In addition, a large amount of vitamin C contained in

also has the function of killing harmful bacteria and protecting teeth.

Celery contains a lot of crude fiber. Eating celery can wipe off a lot of bacteria adhering to the surface of teeth at the same time.

can stimulate saliva secretion by chewing crude fiber food repeatedly, so as to balance the pH in the mouth.

The teeth are most afraid of the acid environment in the mouth. Cheese is the best guard of acid-base balance in the mouth. The rich phosphate can neutralize the acid substances in the mouth, which is not conducive to bacterial activity. There are a large number of calcium in

cheese, which is good for the growth of children’s teeth or for the healthy and fixed teeth of adults.

There are also some more irritating foods, such as onion, mustard, mint, etc., which are also the natural enemies of bacteria in the mouth. Eating them often is beneficial to the health of teeth.

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