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Doesn’t it really matter if you miss your teeth

Six hazards of missing teeth 1. Lead to loosening of adjacent teeth: after tooth loss, the…

Six hazards of missing teeth

1. Lead to loosening of adjacent teeth: after tooth loss, the adjacent teeth will incline to the gap of missing teeth due to lack of fixed support, which will lead to displacement and loosening of surrounding teeth after a long time

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2. Cause the opposite tooth to stretch: because the tooth is not repaired in time after missing, and the side tooth is stretched because there is no occlusal tooth, the corresponding tooth will stretch for a long time, and the serious tooth can occupy the whole space of missing tooth.

3. Food impaction: once the adjacent teeth move, there will be a gap between the teeth, which is easy to cause food impaction into the gap between the teeth, thus causing oral problems such as halitosis, caries, etc.

4. Periodontal disease: food impaction, traumatic occlusion, tooth elongation, insufficient chewing function, gingival atrophy, root exposure, alveolar bone absorption, etc., leading to periodontal disease

5. Affecting facial beauty: the loss of front teeth will first affect the appearance and accuracy of pronunciation. When speaking, the patient’s personal image will be seriously affected by & ldquo; air leakage & rdquo; or even saliva splashing

6. Causing digestive system disorder: when the molars are missing or there are many missing teeth, the masticatory efficiency is greatly reduced, the food cannot be ground fine, and the influence substances in the food cannot be well absorbed by the human body, which aggravates the burden of the digestive system and easily causes digestive system disorder.

If a tooth is missing, it is not only one tooth, but our whole tooth. Therefore, we should treat it as soon as possible when there is a tooth missing

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