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Can you still fall off after tooth mending?!

Although Xiaobian was reluctant to face the fact, the doctor told me that there was a poss…

Although Xiaobian was reluctant to face the fact, the doctor told me that there was a possibility of falling off after filling teeth Because each patient’s oral cavity caries degree is not the same, therefore, the degree and scope of dental fillings are not the same. For example, the scope of dental fillings needed for deep caries is relatively large, and it is relatively easy to fall off, but the fall off of dental fillings is not only the reason, but also the reason for the fall off of dental fillings.

Causes of tooth loss after filling

1. Secondary caries: many patients have caries at the edge of the filling body or under the filling body, causing bubbles or cavities between the filling body and the cavity wall, which is easy to cause the filling body to loosen and fall off.

therefore, the filling teeth are not just the dentistry on the street, but the regular medical institutions should be selected.

2. Material fracture: in some patients, the tip of the tooth is closely contacted with the tooth that has been filled with cavities, so the masticatory pressure of the filled tooth is greater than that of other teeth, so it is easy to break the crown

Expert analysis: if the tooth filling material falls off, we need to repair it in time. If it is not repaired in time, it may cause the tooth defect to continue to increase, and then lead to the tooth falling off.

therefore, more attention should be paid to the completion of the tooth filling, but according to the different filling materials, the attention situation is also different:

Precautions after tooth filling

I. light curing composite resin:

1. Do not brush the surface of the prosthesis with coarse hard teeth within one week, because the curing degree of the resin is only 50%, 90% within 24 hours, and 100% after 7 days

2. Do not use the prosthesis to bite hard objects, drink less strong tea, smoke less, do not use metal stimulation to rub the surface of the prosthesis, so as to avoid the color of the prosthesis

3. If you feel unwell, please call at any time for consultation

II. Silver tribute filling:

Because the volume change of the filling can be stable after 24 hours, it is not allowed to chew hard food with the restored teeth within 24 hours, so as to prevent the filling from breaking and falling off

III. glass ion filling:

Glass ionomer can coagulate completely after 24 hours, so it can be used to test chewing after 24 hours. When chewing, you should eat some soft food first, and gradually adapt to it

IV. pit and groove sealing:

Because the sealant in the deep part of the pit and groove generally solidifies completely within 7 hours, it is forbidden to chew the food with closed teeth and avoid biting too hard and coarse food within 2 hours and 1 day

V. calming with clove oil

Clove oil and water menting has soothing and analgesic effects on dental pulp. If you feel uncomfortable after soothing, please call for consultation or medical treatment at any time.

remarks: it is normal for the teeth that have been treated with root canal to have reflexive swelling and pain. You should take anti-inflammatory drugs according to the doctor’s instructions, and the symptoms should be gradually reduced. If it is not reduced but aggravated, you should call in time to make an appointment for further consultation.

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