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Can oral ulcer kiss sweetly?

Oral health, fresh oral, can enjoy the sweet kiss. However, oral ulcer has been bothering …

Oral health, fresh oral, can enjoy the sweet kiss. However, oral ulcer has been bothering couples. The following 8 kinds of oral problems are easy to infect each other by kissing. Let’s see if you and he are on the blacklist below.

(1) people with bleeding gums: if your gums are bleeding, it may spread diseases of the oral cavity and blood system, and bleeding gums means that the mucosal barrier of the gum or periodontal state is damaged, and it is also easy to infect the oral bacteria and infectious diseases of the other party. You should know that the skin and mucous membrane barrier is the first barrier to protect the human body. Like armor, it is used to prevent external pollution and infection. AIDS is the most intuitive example. If your mouth is clean and your mucous membrane is intact, so is your partner, kissing with AIDS patients is relatively safe.

(2) people with oral ulceration. These people have similar problems as above, and some severe ulcers can be confused with tumors.

(3) people with swollen gums and pain. Gum swelling and pain means that there is inflammation, and there are more pathogenic bacteria in the mouth, thus increasing the probability of mutual infection.

(4) people with irregular, crooked or overdented teeth. This kind of people have irregular dentition, easy to accumulate bacteria and stones, and the number of oral bacteria is relatively large. Of course, there are teeth that are not neat, but they are very clean. So pay attention not to break your mouth when kissing!

(5) in people with atrophic gums, the gums are gray. Gingival atrophy itself is the manifestation of gum or periodontal disease. The gingiva is dark. Either there are too many calculus and severe inflammation, or there are blood system diseases or other systemic diseases, which also need attention.

(6) people with bad breath. Halitosis is actually a kind of oral disease, such as gingivitis and periodontal disease. In fact, the reason of halitosis is the smell of acid chemicals such as indonoise and sulfide caused by the proliferation of bacteria.

(7) people with cavities. Wormholes are also a hiding place for a lot of bacteria.

(8) people with gingivitis and periodontal disease. Halitosis, bleeding gums, swelling gums and so on are mostly the manifestations of these two kinds of oral diseases. Gingivitis, periodontal disease and oral mucosal barrier are basically incomplete, that is to say, the loss of their first protective barrier will not only spread disease to the other side, but also easily infected themselves.

There are a lot of germs in the mouth of these 8 kinds of people. Kissing will “exchange” these germs. If one side carries infectious virus and the other side catches up with gingival bleeding or oral ulcer, it is more dangerous. These infectious bacteria enter human blood through gingival bleeding or ulcer wound, which is easy to infect the other side. If you or your family members have these 8 kinds of oral problems, they should be treated as soon as possible, and do not drag small diseases into large ones. For young children, parents should cultivate their good habit of taking good care of their oral health from childhood. During the period of tooth replacement, they should go to professional dental institutions for regular inspection, so that they can have healthy and good teeth for a lifetime.

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