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Can oral ulcer cause cancer?!

Speaking of oral ulcer, you must be familiar with it. Basically everyone has suffered from…

Speaking of oral ulcer, you must be familiar with it. Basically everyone has suffered from oral ulcer. Most of the oral ulcers start with one or two small spots on the oral mucosa, with obvious pain. After one or two days, they form an ulcer surface, about the size of millet or mung bean, which lasts for three or four days, and then they heal slowly.

Like this type of oral ulcer, the scientific name is “recurrent aphthous ulcer”. The pathogenic factors are often related to immunity, genetics, general condition, nutrition and so on. It can heal itself in about 5-7 days. Recurrent aphthous ulcer is equivalent to a “acne” growing on the skin, which has no much to do with and doesn’t need to worry too much.

However, there are several types of oral ulcer, which may indicate some potential hazards and need to be jointly warned by doctors and patients.

First, there is the possibility of canceration in the long-lasting and long-lasting traumatic ulcer.

Residual roots and crowns in the oral cavity, sharp cusps or marginal ridges, poor restorations, bad habits of biting buccal and lip, etc., all of these mechanical stimulation factors will lead to oral mucosa damage and further cause oral ulcer; during clinical examination, it can also be seen that the location and shape of traumatic ulcer are consistent with the mechanical stimulation factors, and in the long run, the chronic mechanical factors Under the stimulation, oral ulcer will not heal for a long time, which may cause secondary infection or even cancer; after removing the stimulation factors, the ulcer should be improved or healed quickly. If there is still no sign of improvement or healing, further examination and biopsy should be considered to eliminate the possibility of cancer.

Second, some oral malignant diseases are characterized by ulcer symptoms in the early stage, which are often found in the elderly.

For example, gum cancer and tongue cancer, this type of disease is also manifested as oral ulcer, which is characterized by relatively deep shape, irregular edge, cauliflower like bottom of ulcer, no obvious pain, long course of disease, no healing, palpation and hard knot, further examination of the corresponding lymph return area, may have lymph node swelling; for this type of oral ulcer, clinicians should More vigilance, in order to make a further diagnosis, we should consider taking histopathological biopsy at this site.

Small oral ulcer has different causes and manifestations. In clinical practice, patients with & quot; oral ulcer & quot; as the main complaint should be examined in detail from the aspects of clinical characteristics, medical history, pathogenic factors, etc. for & quot; oral ulcer with a long course and long duration, we need to be more vigilant. If necessary, we need to diagnose it by biopsy.

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