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Bottle feeding is easy to cause caries in children

When many parents coax their children to sleep at night, in order to save time, they let t…

When many parents coax their children to sleep at night, in order to save time, they let them sleep with a milk bottle. In the process of sucking milk, the pacifier of the milk bottle is just on the top of the palate, so that all the upper incisors are immersed in the milk, and the children’s small teeth are unconsciously corroded.

Due to the decrease of saliva secretion at night, the self-cleaning effect of the oral cavity is weakened. In addition, the oral temperature at night is appropriate. The milk left on the tooth surface and between the teeth is more likely to be decomposed by the bacteria in the oral cavity, reducing the pH value in the oral cavity of the child, thus causing the decalcification of the teeth, and rapidly developing into caries.

Serious disaster area caused by caries of milk bottle

Bottle caries, as the name implies, refers to the fact that the baby is fed with a bottle for a long time, and the nipple is tightly attached to the front teeth of the maxilla, while the milk, sugar water, juice and other drinks that are easy to produce acid and fermentation are mostly in the bottle, and the milk dirt is generated over a long period of time, and the primary teeth are worth the early stage of eruption. The surface structure of the teeth is immature, which is very easy to be demineralised and form caries due to the role of acid It’s a bottle caries

The main characteristics of milk bottle caries are as follows: it mainly invades the maxillary primary incisors, which is also related to the first eruption of the upper incisors.

can also affect the deciduous canine and primary molars with the extension of time.

in addition, because the newly erupted primary teeth have low calcification degree, soft tooth quality, and multiple teeth are immersed in the milk at the same time, the caries rate is fast, and the number of caries teeth is large.

this is also a major feature of bottle caries

It is not easy for parents to pay attention to the early manifestations of bottle caries.

is mainly to form a chalk demineralization zone on the upper front tooth lip and neck. With the development of caries, the demineralization zone is getting darker and wider in color, surrounding the teeth, making the tooth hard tissue peeled off, and finally become cone-shaped, even forming residual roots.

In this way, not only the cutting function of the primary teeth is greatly reduced, but also with the aggravation of the lesion, the pulp and root tip lesions will be caused. At this time, the child will feel severe pain or gum swelling and pus, which will seriously affect the development of permanent teeth Once the deciduous teeth are extracted too early because of the serious caries, the physiological law of the replacement of deciduous and permanent teeth will be disturbed, the order of the eruption of permanent teeth will be disordered, and the child’s tooth development will be adversely affected.

therefore, once the child is found to have bottle caries, the child should be taken to the stomatology department for diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible

Five preventive measures of caries in milk bottle

1. Avoid using the bottle for a long time

Long time with milk bottle will make the child rely on the pacifier, and affect the child’s language and oral development. What’s more, the caries of the milk bottle will continue to worsen, and the milk scale will accumulate more and more in the oral cavity.

so once the child can drink water by himself, he should exercise the child to use the cup, and must give up the bad habit of attaching to the pacifier

2. Gargle in time

Wash your baby’s mouth with boiling water after drinking milk.

baby usually drinks milk before going to bed, but it does bring great hidden danger to the teeth, because the rest time at night is long, and the teeth are surrounded by bacteria and sugar for such a long time Fresh milk will not form milk scale in a short period of time, so it can effectively clean and wash away the residue of milk in the mouth by feeding some warm boiled water after the baby finishes drinking milk, so as to maintain a good oral environment for the baby

3. Clean the milk scale

Mommy can use gauze around her fingers to wipe the milk dirt on her baby’s teeth.

it’s better not to give more than 15 minutes of milk each time, so as to reduce the time of soaking the teeth in milk.

4. Brush your teeth

After the baby grows the first primary tooth, it should start to brush the baby’s teeth.

is best done after meals and before going to bed, at least twice a day.

babies under 3 years old can brush their teeth with clear water, and babies over 3 years old can choose fluoride toothpaste for children (do not choose fluoride toothpaste for adults).

5. Regular inspection

After the baby grows his first primary tooth, he is taken to the hospital to check his teeth every three months.

regularly uses fluorine preparation in the hospital to improve the anti caries ability of the primary tooth.

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