Attack and nursing of oral ulcer

Aphthous ulcer is a common disease in stomatology, which is accompanied by acute, chronic,…

Aphthous ulcer is a common disease in stomatology, which is accompanied by acute, chronic, benign and malignant. The modern medical research of

shows that the cause of the disease is complex and the pathogenesis is not exact.

There are systemic disease inducing factors related to local stimulation, jaw bite trauma, vitamin and trace element deficiency, physical cycle decline, endocrine disorders, immune dysfunction, gastrointestinal disorders, etc.

The pathogenesis of aphthous ulcer is complicated. The cause of aphthous ulcer is examined in detail.

is marked in the mouth, but the root of aphthous ulcer is the accumulation of heat in the heart and spleen and the accumulation of damp heat.

studies the pathogenesis of aphthous ulcer in detail, which is the accumulation of heat in the viscera and the burning of internal fire toxin.

traditional Chinese medicine believes that the disease is mainly caused by heat toxin, burning of muscle membrane, and injury of muscle membrane.

is often difficult to eat or speak clearly due to severe pain, and it is easy to relapse.

has a course of disease of up to 20 years, and the patient seeks medical treatment everywhere with little effect.

causes inconvenience and great mental pain to the patient’s life.

Because oral ulcer is easy to recur, and it will cause great pain to patients, so it is very important to prevent this disease.

should pay attention to the following aspects in life: pay attention to oral health, avoid damaging oral mucosa.

ensure adequate sleep time, avoid excessive fatigue.

A 6032 a 6032 pay attention to the regularity of daily life and the balance of nutrition, abstain from tobacco and alcohol, insist on physical exercise, eat light food, eat more fruits and vegetables, keep the stool unobstructed and prevent constipation Women should pay attention to rest before and after menstruation, keep in a good mood, avoid excessive fatigue, eat light food, eat more fruits, fresh vegetables, drink more water and so on, so as to reduce the chance of mouth sore

It should be noted that oral ulcer should not be despised, because the ulcer that does not heal for a long time in the oral cavity may be cancerous as it is often stimulated by chewing and speaking.

so if you often suffer from oral ulcer, you need to pay attention to the above problems If there is any doubt, we should go to the hospital in time for examination. If necessary, we should carry out pathological examination to make clear the diagnosis, and then do the corresponding treatment. We must not be careless and delay the time of treatment

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