After the Spring Festival high intensity tooth using Festival, the whole family will see a doctor in groups

“This is a group of three from our family. ”Yesterday, Mr. Sun, who was waiting in t…

“This is a group of three from our family.

”Yesterday, Mr. Sun, who was waiting in the emergency department of Dalian Stomatology Hospital, told reporters that during the Spring Festival, his mouth was not idle at all. He chewed on dried fruits and snacks. As a result, when he was eating hazelnut, one of his right teeth suddenly cracked and half of his teeth fell off directly. “His daughter’s teeth were painful and his wife’s gums were bleeding. The first examination was acute pulpitis and periodontal abscess.

”Yesterday, reporters in Dalian stomatological hospital, community clinic, private stomatology clinic and other places interviewed and found that within a week after the long Spring Festival holiday, the number of patients with dental diseases doubled.

experts believe that the high-intensity use of teeth during the Spring Festival makes many usually hidden dental diseases explode, and there are many deficiencies in the public health knowledge in dealing with emergency dental diseases

Health care vacancy a family group to see periodontitis after Spring Festival

“Doctor, I have a bad gum ache and several abscesses.

” Ms. Zhang, 56, came to the outpatient department of Dalian stomatology hospital. After examination, she had severe apicitis and gum cyst.

originally, Ms. Zhang had caries all the time, but she always didn’t pay attention to the same thing. Sometimes, the pain lasted for a while.

However, during the Spring Festival this year, she ate snacks and dried fruits every day. One day when she was eating steamed bread, she suddenly found that there were traces of blood on the steamed bread, and then she found that her teeth were bleeding again.

originally she wanted to stick to it again, but this time, the problem was serious. Not only her gums were getting more and more painful, but also her whole right face was swollen.

Because of the problem of teeth, the Spring Festival didn’t go well either. “My face seems to be bruised by someone, so I’m sorry to go out to celebrate the new year.

”When the doctor examined her, he found that there were several abscesses in her gingiva. Because she didn’t pay attention to the treatment at ordinary times, now there are pulpitis, acute suppurative pulpitis, and the inflammation continues to spread. Now even her right cheek has ulcerated face, which is much more difficult to treat

Zheng Lijuan, chief physician of Dalian Stomatology Hospital, explained that after the Spring Festival, the number of patients with pulpitis, gingivitis and other diseases has been increasing, double the usual number, and many family groups come to treat teeth, which shows that the people’s awareness of dental health care is very weak at ordinary times. In addition, the strength of using teeth increased during the Spring Festival, smoking, drinking, and irregular life make people’s resistance decreased

many people feel comfortable with cold water. Such people usually have acute inflammation and should be treated in hospital in time

“Many of the patients I visited didn’t get enough vigilance when their gums were swollen and bleeding. They thought that they could deal with it by taking some anti-inflammatory drugs. As a result, during the Spring Festival, they found that their condition became more and more serious when using a large number of teeth, which attracted attention.

”Zheng Lijuan said that periodontitis patients are usually thin, because the chewing function is affected, the nutrition absorption is not good, and even cause stomach disease.

Once there is periodontal disease how to do? Periodontitis can be caused by dental calculus, pigmentation, foreign body retention, microbial action, and bad restorations when the body resistance is reduced or the pathogenic factors are enhanced.

gingivitis can be cured quickly if appropriate antibiotics are used and local drugs are used.

However, if gingivitis is not treated in time, it will worsen to periodontitis. Periodontitis will cause gingival, periodontal ligament and periodontal ligament lesions. The treatment will take a long time, and it is impossible to cure it quickly. It is also difficult to cure it completely

One tooth of Baoqian dumpling is discarded

“The doctor helped me to see that the following big tooth hurt badly.

” on the second day of the first month, Professor Bai Lixia, who was on duty at Baojia stomatology hospital in Dalian, found that the crown of a tooth at the lower right rear of Cao who came to see the doctor had been broken, so he could only use root canal therapy to clean up the pulp for him and reconstruct the crown on the basis of retaining the root

It turns out that Mr. Cao’s tooth was cracked. Half a year ago, the doctor suggested crown treatment, but he didn’t take it.

on that day, at the new year’s banquet, the family made dumplings for good luck, so they put a silver coin in one of them. Whoever eats the dumpling will get a red packet of 100 yuan Unexpectedly, while chatting with his family, Mr. Cao picked up a dumpling and bit it down with one bite. Just listen to the sound of GABA, his teeth fell off half at once, and his tears flowed because of the pain.

“originally it was a good luck, but I didn’t expect that his teeth were broken half.

” Mr. Cao said gloomily, “it’s all my fault that I didn’t protect my teeth.

Bai Lixia said that nowadays, people go out for less exercise, and their diet structure is unreasonable, which makes the calcium content in their body less and less, the teeth more and more vulnerable, and the occurrence of tooth cracks is more and more frequent. The cracks of

often go deep into the dentin structure, which is one of the causes of toothache.

Bai Lixia said that if the tooth cracks only occur in the outermost part of the tooth, the patient often does not feel it; if the cracks have penetrated into the dentin, they will cause toothache; if they break into the pulp, they will cause pulpitis or periapical inflammation, causing severe pain

“If not handled in time, the cracks will become deeper and deeper.

” Bai Lixia pointed out that the earlier the diagnosis is, the more likely it is to retain the teeth after proper treatment.

can be directly filled and conservatively treated for very shallow cracks.

If the crack reaches the pulp, it needs to be treated thoroughly by root canal therapy, and then a porcelain crown is made to cover the whole tooth; if the crack is deep under the gingiva or even the root tip, periapical periodontitis will occur repeatedly, leading to periodontal damage, then only extraction is needed

It should be noted that cleft teeth will continue to develop, and may even change in the process of treatment of the affected teeth by doctors.

in clinical practice, many patients use the opposite teeth to chew food in case of discomfort or pain on one side of the teeth, delaying the disease and causing further damage.

Women over 45 should be given daily dental massage

Teeth grow in the upper and lower jaws. The bone around the teeth is called alveolar bone. After menopause, especially in the first five years after menopause, the loss of calcium in the bone reaches about 10%. The direct consequence of the loss of calcium in the bone is osteoporosis and bone tissue atrophy Before and after menopause, with the loss of calcium in the bone, alveolar bone becomes loose and atrophic. The result of

is that the bone around the teeth shrinks, the gum on the surface also shrinks, and the root gradually exposes.

teeth will feel pain when they encounter hot and cold.

Exposed roots are also prone to caries, so women are particularly prone to oral disease before and after menopause

The saliva secretion of climacteric women is reduced, the self-cleaning effect of the oral cavity is weakened, and oral mucosal diseases are easy to occur, such as dry oral mucosa, recurrent mucosal ulcer, oral lichen planus, etc

Before and after menopause, women should pay special attention to oral hygiene, brush their teeth in the morning and evening every day, knock their teeth before going to bed and after waking up in the morning and massage their gums, which can slow down the absorption of alveolar bone, even promote the regeneration of alveolar bone and prevent gingival wilting After the age of 45, a woman should see a dentist once a year for dental cleaning

Expert advice

“In case of tooth crack, in case of emergency, the public can use desensitization toothpaste to relieve the pain first. After arriving at the hospital, the doctors will also use professional desensitizer to desensitize the patients first.

some people do not have desensitizer in their homes, and can also use garlic juice to smear on it, which also has a certain effect of relieving.

,” Bai Lixia reminded

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