Adults also need to prevent cavities

In China, an average of 4 out of 5 adults are threatened by root cavities. According to th…

In China, an average of 4 out of 5 adults are threatened by root cavities. According to the national oral health epidemiological sampling survey conducted by the national dental prevention group, 82% of the adults in China have gingival atrophy, which is the main cause of & ldquo; root cavities & rdquo;.

The gingiva is atrophic and lax due to inflammatory damage or aging. Cavities are more likely to form in the neck and root than in the crown.

root cavities are not easy to repair. They appear on the side of the root. The area and depth of the cavities are large and shallow, and the repair materials are difficult to adhere firmly.

When pain occurs, the cavity layer of root cavities in adults has already damaged the dentin or even the deep pulp, resulting in pulpitis and serious tooth loss

How to deal with this troublesome culprit?
First, choose the toothpaste containing fluorine and moth proofing. Directly reaching the root of the fluor Thai anti moth formula (sodium fluoride and silicon) not only protects the teeth, but also protects the roots deeply, which can effectively reduce the incidence rate of tooth decay at root 67%.

Secondly, select toothpaste containing high-quality friction agent, which can effectively remove dirt and plaque.

Finally, regular oral examination is carried out to eliminate the plaque at the critical point of teeth, eat more fiber rich food, massage the gums.

finally, use a health toothbrush, use the correct way of brushing teeth, and truly achieve “no cavities”.

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