80% of netizens don’t know that they can correct their teeth as adults

Many people feel inferior for a bucktooth after taking part in work. According to the rece…

Many people feel inferior for a bucktooth after taking part in work. According to the recent survey of Orthodontics conducted by family doctors online, 80% (82.76%) of netizens do not know that there is no age limit for orthodontics, and 65.38% mistakenly believe that tooth deformity will only affect the appearance of teeth.

Age limit? No,

Chang Shaohai, director of Orthodontics Department of Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hospital, Sun Yat sen University, said that modern orthodontics technology enables people of any age to correct their teeth, improve their appearance and restore their normal occlusion function.

, he has done orthodontics for a 63 year old patient, and more than 80 year old people have done orthodontics abroad

However, Chang Shaohai pointed out that the most ideal age for orthodontics is between 12 and 16 years old.

because the primary teeth have just been replaced, and the jaw has not yet fully grown and shaped, it can obtain the best orthodontic effect

Don’t be afraid of ugliness? Error!

According to the survey, more than 60% of netizens have the false cognition that “tooth deformity only affects beauty”. According to Chang Shaohai of

, from a professional point of view, the most important physiological function of teeth is that they can eat and chew food.

if the teeth are not orderly, their physiological function will be affected.

Teeth are the first gateway of digestion. If the teeth are not good, it will be a heavy burden for the whole digestive system.

will not cause any problems in the short term, but will cause a series of hazards such as dyspepsia in the long term.

in addition, the irregular teeth will also affect the body of the teeth, such as easy to cause caries or periodontitis and other dental diseases.

side effect? No,

According to the online survey of family doctors, 57.69% of the netizens were worried about the side effects of orthodontics. Chang Shaohai pointed out that there were no side effects in orthodontics, and most of the adverse symptoms of patients after orthodontics were caused by not paying attention to oral health For example, in the process of wearing braces, the mouth is full of corrective materials. If you don’t pay attention to brushing your teeth, you will easily leave food residues and form caries.

, but this phenomenon is only a few, and most of the clinical patients don’t have this situation.

The survey also showed that 46.15% of the netizens were worried about the pain and discomfort in the orthodontic process.

Chang Shaohai pointed out that the orthodontic time is long, and there will be discomfort in the orthodontic process, but it will not be very painful. For example, the metal materials used for orthodontic treatment may stimulate the oral mucosa, causing slight ulcers.

in addition, when the teeth are stressed, it will have uncomfortable reactions.
The uncomfortable reaction of
may last for 2-3 days, usually no more than 5 or 6 days. The reaction of

in adults may be more intense and longer

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